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This is the website for the Knaphill Residents’ Association, bringing you news of the village, details on the annual Knaphill village show and helping our community.


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 From the [ex] Editor, Andy Hills (Follow on Twitter @Hillsy101)

“Come and have your say in the Knaphill Forum!

Change is constant, and this applies to Knaphill as well as anywhere. It’s good to see ‘For Sale’ boards changing to ‘Sold’, with subtle differences in the High Street and changes in businesses new and old giving rise to interesting debate on the future of the High Street and the broader village.

Updates to the website are becoming less frequent, partly due to less news and partly as time constraints get in the way. This doesn’t mean the KRA are resting on their laurels – quite the opposite in fact. If you have any news to share, sightings, quirks and irks about Knaphill then why not try tweeting it to @knaphillKRA or to Mal Foster at the Knaphillian? I appreciate that the vast majority of the village aren’t that concerned about tweeting village news but for the hardcore few, we ALL really appreciate the interaction! It doesn’t matter who you prefer to tweet or communicate to, as long as the news gets out there to you, the residents. You can also create debate in the Knaphill Forum and talk things through with other users.

We’re actively looking for regular contributors to the magazine and website – get your news and questions out there! Time pressures are affecting a lot of volunteers in the village and the residents’ association is no different. If anyone fancies stepping in and helping out it would be most appreciated.

Don’t forget you can always have your say and leave a comment or send in your items for publication in the website or magazine. “

 —– Flash news! —–

If you have something to mention, just email or tweet the KRA @knaphillkra

  • New planting in Knaphill village centre!
  • Thanks to all attending the AGM and presentation by Dave Foker
  • Village meeting to be held in September
  • WBC to hold a consultation on hot food takeaways, based on Cllr Whitehand’s motion passed last year (Direct link to document CLICK HERE)
  • Old Viceroy building sold and to become (allegedly!) an Italian restaurant (or not it now seems…)
  • New planning update available
  • Air management order issued for Anchor Hill
  • Serious failings at Alpha Hospital
  • Keep reporting the woeful state of the roads and pavements to SCC! You can REPORT POT HOLES HERE (SCC)


NEW Knaphill Forum

I’ve added a forum area to the website called, unimaginatively, the Knaphill Forum. Here you can have your say, express your views, compliment or complain. Simple to use and you can pass comment on anything you like. It is simply another way of getting in contact or to state your piece.

Planning updates always available

Just see the Planning section above!

Recycling in Woking expands into unwanted textiles & small electricals

WBC have launched another recycling front, this time into textiles and small electrical appliances. For textiles, all you need to do is put them into a standard carrier bag and leave them with your blue bin; for electricals (no larger than 35cm by 40cm) you should place them with your black bin.

Two major plans submitted for Woking town centre

Plans have been officially submitted to Woking Borough Council for the development of Woking town centre. The development will be delivered by Bandstand Square Developments Limited (BSDL) a joint venture between Moyallen, owners of Peacocks Shopping Centre, Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council.

Whereas my personal opinion is that the group has managed to recreate similar unattractive buildings to past Woking endeavours, the plans are getting significant support and will undoubtedly be approved. This again raises a question for me – WHERE’S THE PLAN FOR KNAPHILL?!

If any resident, councillor, or ‘person in the know’ could let me know just how Knaphill is to be kept alive and reinvigorated it would be much appreciated. Frankly all I can see at the moment is that officials are happy to let Knaphill go to ruin. (And no, building Tescos a building does not help or contribute to the wellbeing of the village.) I would be happy to be shown otherwise.


Knaphill, moving forward poll results

We ran a poll recently for business and premises owners to have their say on the future of Knaphill. Here are the (not unexpected!) results -


SCC to review on-street parking

Surrey County Council are, over the next 12 months, going to be looking at on-street parking in the area. If you have a black spot in mind please let us know below (Quick note – when clicking ‘view results’ it doesn’t show individual comments but be assured we are logging them) Some of the latest records can be seen here

On-street parking black spots
Where are the parking black spots you want to highlight to SCC? (Road name)



Survey Results

We ran a survey from July-August 2012 to try and gain an insight as to your view of the Knaphill Residents’ Association. The results have been presented to the committee and are here with comments for your information.


The Knaphill Cabin – a youth activity club set up with the KRA in 2009 and continuing to offer young people in Knaphill something to do of their evenings. Please email info@knaphillcabin.org.uk for details.




The poll for developing a Knaphill Neighbourhood Plan has drawn to a close with a massive 93% wanting one to be developed!

If you have a poll you would like to see then let me know.

Some past poll results -

Is speeding in Knaphill a problem?

  • I notice it frequently (55%, 36 Votes)
  • I notice it occasionally (25%, 16 Votes)
  • No (20%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 65

The illegal signage on traffic lights poll stirred 52 respondents and 91% wanted them removed! Whereas everyone does have the right to make a living, it is clearly preferred that people advertise in line with normal rules. Following advice from Surrey Highways, they state it is their responsibility to remove the flyers and you can report them via the SCC website here and selecting ”Advertising – over crowded’.

eNews & Bulletin

We have an eNewsletter to better help us stay in touch with Members. It is designed, in part, to address one of our shortcomings in communication with Members who have rightly felt in the past that we haven’t been as chatty as we could have been. While being created specifically for Members of the KRA, it is currently open to all and we would appreciate any feedback you can give.

It will deliver information about the village in a timely manner direct to your inbox so if you’d like to receive this service, please sign up!