Local people working together for our local Knaphill community

The Knaphill Residents’ Association (KRA) was originally formed in 2001. It started as a ‘pressure group’ to fight proposals to change local roads. In the years since then it has developed and become a well respected community organisation committed to the interests of the people of Knaphill. The aims and objectives of the Knaphill Residents Association:
  • To ‘signpost’ residents to sources of advice and help when they have concerns on local issues
  • Where appropriate, to represent and campaign on issues that are important to Knaphill residents
  • To work together to achieve better results than the individual could secure on their own
  • To be tolerant of different points of view
  • To act in a non-party political way
  • To help organise social events which bring people together
  • To assist local voluntary and charity groups in their efforts to improve the life of the people of Knaphill

Planning in the village

With specific reference to local planning proposals within the village, The KRA, as a body,  is unable to argue the case for or against any submission. Individual members will, and are expected to have, their own opinion which is respected within the committee. The KRA does its utmost to ensure contentious planning issues are carried out in a thorough manner and in accordance to all rules and guidelines as set out by government and council, and that any and all residents concerns are addressed and answered satisfactorily.  

The Residents' Association works with other community groups to get things done

Examples of KRA achievements: * Through the website and magazine - keeping local people informed about local events and issues. * Setting up The Cabin - Youth Cafe for Knaphill's young people aged 13-18 . * Organising the Knaphill Village Shows. We worked with local community to bring all sections of the village together  - young and not so young, churches and clubs, businesses and voluntary groups - for a fabulous day. * Holding 'Knaphill Clean-Up Days' - to keep the village tidy * Organising Local History Talks and  'Memory Lane' Events - to learn from the past as we look to the future. We invite you to join the Residents' Association and to get more involved in the life of the community, for more information please see our Membership page. A full copy of the Knaphill Residents Association constitution is available here.  

Census Data

A census was completed in 2011 so here's a couple of links showing the results: WBC census data (Knaphill) (pdf) Knaphill census data from 'UK Census Data'