Village meeting 2013

Full questions, as submitted (2013).

Anti-social Behaviour (45 minutes – 7:35 – 8:20)
1. Late night behaviour (brawling & magnet from other catchments, what is drawing them in? what
is being done to curtail it)
2. Drag racing and general speeding through the village.
3. CCTV, what is the point of them? Have they ever been used to help convict anyone?
4. Continued high prevalence of dog faeces on the pavements
5. Inconsiderate parking (blocking driveways, pavements, even across pedestrian crossings!) in the
village and around schools.
6. Fly tipping (Vyne/Canal) and general litter in village and country park.
7. Neighbourhood watch scheme – why is it so difficult to get anyone in the authorities interested in
assisting a neighbourhood get this off the ground?

Planning and Development (40 minutes – 8:20 – 9:00)
1. Brookwood farm:
a. Understanding that planning is now agreed, what mitigating factors are being instigated to ease
traffic congestion, especially through Sparvell road onto Bagshot Road and at junction to
Connaught Rd – what modelling has been done.
b. School provision
i. parking allocation, or expectation of children walking?
ii. Will any paths be well lit?
c. GP provision
d. Expected commencement and completion?

2. Barley Mow Woods
a. What would the council permit to be developed here? Nothing or anything?
b. Would a developer who infringes planning, be forced to return the wood to it’s original
condition or just fined?
c. Just what does protected status for the trees really mean?

3. Imbalance in the planning system – a developer can appeal and have a decision overturned, but
there is no appeal process for the objectors. Is this fair? Re:battle over Clifton development.

4. High Street becoming the take-away capitol of the area – does the council have a “balanced High
Street” policy? Does it care?

5. Deep concern over the quality of recent planning decisions (especially Highways) – just who is it
working for? Once a planning consent is given can it ever bee retracted (if for example the
information upon which the decision was made was so fundamentally flawed)?

6. Old Library site, where are we with this?

Schools & Miscellaneous (30 minutes – 9:00 – 9:30)
1. Concern over the quality of the provision of the primary and secondary schools in the borough.
Does anyone have oversight of the educational standards in the borough or is it left to the
individual schools and OFSTED?
2. Lack of provision for special needs support within the schools – perceived deep reluctance for
school to go down the road of “statementing” a child.
3. Addition safe crossing places for children coming back from Winston at Hermitage Road roundabout
– a proper pedestrian crossing?

4. Miscellaneous
a. Air quality
b. Knaphill Football Club
i. Woking FC – whose is it? After huge effort was put in by Knaphill to get the site up to it’s
current high standard, who is it now for?
ii. What does “sweat the assets” mean with regards to KFC?
5. Any other questions?


Meeting report from KRA Secretary, Phil Stubbs (2013)


Responses received:

Councillor Richard Sharp.