We have received a letter from Woking Borough Council stating that the developer, Cala Homes, have submitted amendments to the planning application for Brookwood Farm.

Details of the amendments are on the WBC planning web-site ( Just to remind everyone the planning application reference number is PLAN/2012/0224.

The amended plans are open to public consultation and residents have until 14 December 2012 to comment.

The Residents’ Association will study the amended plans and make a more detailed comment later.

The amended plans do not deal with the major issues of school places, road congestion, air quality or adequate GP practices.


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Andy is a business systems and operations consultant for The Business Delicatessen and has helped the KRA over several years. He is former editor of the magazine and also runs Fat Crow Design.


  1. Hi
    Have you seen details re Outline Application for a primary school on Brookwood Farm, with access via Sparvell Road – PLAN/2012/1059
    Thanks and I look forward to reading about it on your site.
    Please keep up the good work.

  2. Yes, we noticed the school and have already had a few chats regarding how this impacts the application as a whole.
    Previous figures from SCC showed the development could only handle 200 dwellings, not the 297 proposed and now the added school traffic…?! We’ve written to SCC and a few others asking for new assessments but Phil will be along soon with more information…

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