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Footpath 13 has been closed by Surrey County Council. This footpath is closed from its start at the junction of Sparvell Road and Corrsbrook Way to Sheet’s Heath. The footpath has been closed to assist Cala Homes with the development of Brookwood Farm. The notice stats that the closure is for 6 months but the notice clearly states that this can be extended.


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Phil Stubbs is Secretary to the Knaphill Residents' Association.


  1. The footpath is not closed, walked it the other day and on speaking to site workers, there will always be a footpath open for us dog walkers. If one closes for building works, they will have another one for us to use.

  2. Mrs Penn you are correct, the notice published by SCC is wrong. Currently if the contractor is moving machinery across the footpath then people will be held back whilst the traffic crosses the footpath. When it comes that they have close the current footpath for a longer period an alternative should be sign posted.

  3. “Footpath” between Sparvell Road and Brookwood station is a de facto cycle lane.

    When the pavement between the Esso garage and Brookwood station is not being used as a cycle lane, it lends itself perfectly to being used as a car park.

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