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Small update – Has anyone else noticed the little signs that are going up on lamp posts around the village. They’re reminders about anti-fouling and the penalties involved, so we know the initiative is underway!

Following on from Dr Fuller’s successful petition regarding dog waste in Knaphill, WBC Executive have created a new Foul Play campaign. In an email from WBC, they say –

“At the meeting of the Executive on 15 March 2012, at which the Petition was considered, the Executive was supportive of the petition and acknowledged that dog fouling was a Borough-wide issue which had a negative impact on pride of place, health and community enjoyment. Councillor Mrs B A Hunwicks, Portfolio Holder for the Environmental Maintenance Contract, announced that a Borough-wide campaign named ‘Foul Play’ would be worked up to tackle and raise awareness of the issue. A pilot of the scheme would be run in Knaphill, with the intention to roll-out a Borough-wide campaign. Councillor Mrs B A Hunwicks highlighted actions taken by the Council in response to the petition, such as improved dog waste facilities at Barton Close and the link path between Cavell Way and Florence Court, Knaphill.

It was noted that the Foul Play initiative would include increasing dog fouling signs and posters and ensuring ongoing awareness. The Executive was informed that a deep clean of Sussex Road, Knaphill would be programmed, and residents would be able to report any area in need of cleaning direct to Serco. The Executive thanked Dr Fuller for attending the meeting and raising the issue of dog fouling. The Executive agreed that Officers would work up in detail, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder, a Borough-wide campaign placing great emphasis upon responsible dog ownership and encouraging increased and more detailed reporting of problems from residents so the Council’s available resources can be used to best effect. It was further agreed that a pilot of the Foul Play campaign would be run in Knaphill.”

Personally I don’t think the village can thank Dr Fuller enough for his efforts in tackling dog mess in the streets so a  heartfelt WELL DONE to him and his wife, Anna.



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  1. How can we report areas that need to be cleaned to Serco? I don’t know where to look on their website, and the search produced nothing.

  2. Well in true WBC style they have been very vague on the reporting to Serco. I can currently only suggest emailing or writing to them with reference to the Foul Play campaign in Knaphill at
    Serco Group plc
    Serco House
    16 Bartley Wood Business Park
    Bartley Way
    RG27 9UY
    United Kingdom

    T: +44 (0)1256 745900
    F: +44 (0)1256 744111

    If I can find out more I shall post a comment here.
    18/4/12 – I’ve written to both WBC and Serco and as yet have received no response… will post more soon.
    20/4/12 – I’ve had a response from Serco and there are several ways to report street cleaning requirements: either via WBC on 01483 755 855 or via their website and also through Serco directly at 01483 775 422 or via email at

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