An invitation to local gardeners and allotment holders – Knaphill Horticultural Show 2011 – Entry Forms available


Horticultural Show Schedule 2011

Horticultural Show Children’s Entry Form 2011

….. As part of the Knaphill Village Show on 16th July we are pleased to confirm KRA are looking forward to holding an even bigger and better Horticultural – Vegetable & Flower Show this year. Entry Forms for the Village Show Horticultural Events are now available. For online versions please use the links above for the entry forms and schedule and printed copies will be available at Knaphill Library, The Post Office, The Vyne Community Centre and The Garibaldi this week.

If you wish to enter please print off the relevant page from the booklet and bring it along with your entries.  You will need one entry form per person, not per entry.

We made a start last year, and for 2011 thanks  to generous donations from Woking Miniature Railway Society (WMRS) and The Knaphill Residents’ Association (KRA) we are pleased to announce that we have increased the prize money for each class and Cups donated by WMRS will be awarded in each section. With extra prizes and trophies this year’s Horticultural Show promises to be a bigger, better and more exciting event.

Sponsors for each section of the Show have kindly donated a special gift to be awarded to the person gaining the highest number of points in their Section:
Fruit & Vegetables:  Sponsored by Tenakers Nursery & Farm Shop.
Flowers: Sponsored by Knaphill Residents’ Association
Homemade Produce: Sponsored by The Garibaldi
Children’s Section – all prizes: Sponsored by Busy Bees Children’s Nursery

Details of all the special  prizes will be revealed at the Prize Giving Ceremony scheduled for 4:30 on the day.

There are separate Children’s Competition Forms also available for printing. There are no Entry Fees for the Children’s Competition and there will be something for every child that enters.

We were amazed at the number and quality of children’s entries last year and hope that will be exceeded this year.
Children’s Competition Categories:
* Miniature Garden – in a garden seed tray
* An animal or object made from vegetables &/or fruit
* Sweet Peas – 9 stems (Home Grown)

The Horticultural Show Schedule gives full details of  the 4 sections and 41 classes, Entry Rules & General Regulations etc.  We look forward to seeing your entries displayed in the Horticultural tent.

PLEASE NOTE Horticultural Show brining your Exhibits etc: You should bring your Show Exhibits, paperwork and fees to the Horticultural Show Tent betweem 10.30 am and 12.15 pm.
No exhibits will be accepted after 12.15 pm. There will be directions to the Show Tent at the entrance gate.

Plant & Seed Swap Shop

A very successful part of the Village Show last year was The Plant Swap Shop, we will have a ‘Plant & Seed Swap Shop’ at this year’s Show. If you have excessive propogation or are bored with some of your plants; want to try some new varieties, but don’t want to spend too much on replacing them……”The Swap Shop” may be just the answer you are looking for!

The Swap Shop will be open for receiving ‘donated plants’ during the morning or once the Show has opened.  “Swaps” will be available later in the afternoon, once  the show has opened.

ON SITE DURING THE MORNING:  Please be aware that we will be setting up the Main Show Stalls and there will be trip hazards on site until we are sorted out, please be vigilant when making your way to and from the Horticultural Show Tent.


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