HSBC to close


Yes it’s true, High Street bank HSBC is to close its doors to Knaphill village on 6th July at 3.30pm.

The bank is currently only open for 3 days per week and no reason has been given for the closure although speculation will abound due to the proximity of the bank to 15 High Street where Sainsbury’s want to build a store… It would certainly be a huge loss to the village should the buildings be demolished, losing valuable character.

The branch managaer has already come in for some flack, as noted by one resident, he has been told in no uncertain terms how the customers feel with some voting with their feet and moving accounts elsewhere.


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Andy is a business systems and operations consultant for The Business Delicatessen and has helped the KRA over several years. He is former editor of the magazine and also runs Fat Crow Design.

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