Knaphill Clean up ready for Public Remembrance Service on Thursday 11th November


On Saturday 6th November a team of volunteers from Knaphill Residents’ Association and Knaphill Baptist Church made the most of the dry sunny day to clean up the ‘garden’ in front of the ‘Old Library Site’. There will be a Public Service of Remembrance on Thursday 11th November from 10.45 am in the centre of the village and the volunteers wanted to make this area look clean and tidy for this community event. 

We are very please to have the new Library in the village, but the ‘Old Library Site’ seems to have been neglected by Surrey County Council (SCC) in recent years and the ‘garden’ had become overgrown, strewn with litter, cans and bottles and in need of some TLC. The volunteers worked all morning: clearing rubbish, weeding, cutting back hedges, re-painting the Notice Board and wood preserving the fence and the benches. The results are a much tidier garden area.

In the past SCC has explained that they need to sell the ‘Old Library site’ for development; to raise money to pay for the refurbishment and ongoing costs that enable us to have the ‘new Library’ (but the ‘new Library’ is rented, not owned by SCC). In the current market they do not seem to have found a buyer, so the ‘site’ sits waiting for a developer to come along. Perhaps this is the time for Knaphill residents  to once again explain to SCC that whatever future development takes place on this site, it is at the centre of the village and that a clear space should be retained for the community. Knaphill’s history shows that it grew in a piece-meal and haphazzard way and the ‘old Library site’ is about as close as we have to a focal point and a ‘heart’.  It could be somewhere that is special and valued, rather than the shabby run down piece of ground it has become.

Given the recent success of the Brookwood Village Petition to get ‘Fishwick Island’ removed, maybe Knaphill people should look again at voicing local opinion on the future us of the ‘old Library site’ and have our say on what happens. It has been suggested that KRA puts forward a petition on the use of  the garden as a community space at the centre the village and ‘reclaim’ the space for the people of Knaphill. Let us know what you think. But in the meantime we’ll say THANK YOU to the volunteers for their hard work last Saturday and enjoy the cleaner space on Thursday.

An invitation from Rev. Richard Sherlock:  On the 11th of November from 10:45 am Knaphill Village will be holding it’s second Armistice Day Commemoration.  We will be joined by the Army, Royal British Legion, the local School and Churches, our local councillors and Member of Parliament, Jonathan Lord.  

Please join us in the centre of the village from 10:45 onwards to stop and reflect on the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf for the peace, prosperity and freedom we enjoy today.


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Andy is a business systems and operations consultant for The Business Delicatessen and has helped the KRA over several years. He is former editor of the magazine and also runs Fat Crow Design.


  1. The KRA Committee look forward to seeing as many residents as are able to attend at the Service of Remembrance on Thursday.
    Hot tea and coffee will be available to purchase at the Kings House Coffee Shop after the service.

  2. I am sorry to have missed the Act of Remembrance in Knaphill, though we did observe the two minutes silence.

    Am very appreciative of the volunteer work to tidy and preserve at and around the ‘old library’-site and all for the idea of making that a Knaphill Village Green-space.

    13 Nov 2010

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