Knaphill Cricket Club


Andy Hills has set up a project looking at the potential for a new cricket club in the village.

“Knaphill Cricket Club, you say?” But there’s no such thing!

Correct! Yet. People from separate areas have been expressing an interest to me in creating a cricket club in the village. The question firstly is can we get enough support and members to start such a venture? Questions are obviously raised such as who, where, when, how, costs…?

Although very early days, in the first instance get in touch and mention that you might have an interest in membership. If we get enough numbers a small committee may be formed to take over planning and direction.

I can almost taste the cucumber sandwiches and Pimms now…

Website Please direct all email to or via twitter @hillsy101


Regards, Andy Hills


About Author

Andy is a business systems and operations consultant for The Business Delicatessen and has helped the KRA over several years. He is former editor of the magazine and also runs Fat Crow Design.

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