The booklet is a useful guide to all the activities going on in Knaphill and close by: local places and playgroups, clubs and classes, sports, activities, youth clubs and much more. There is useful  information for families with young children, under 18’s and adults, and there is a special section for over 50’s and the retired with a simple map to show you where things are.

The booklet is FREE. It has been produced by the Knaphill Residents’ Association with the help and support of advertisements and donations from local businesses, shops and organisations.


Copies of the 2010-11 edition of the useful booklet ‘Your Knaphill’ are still available through local schools, can be picked up at Knaphill Library, Knaphill Post Office and many other locations around the village.

Thank you to everyone who helped to prepare the 2010-11 edition.

CONTACT: to find out more, or if you want to be listed or advertise in the Directory.
Click on the link to access the PDF online version of the booklet: KRA directory 2010-11