All change at Sainsbury’s


The store in Redding Way is undergoing major change. Following Sainsbury’s buying Argos and Habitat the store is installing those two shops within its store in Redding Way. There could be further changes because Sainsbury’s have applied to Woking Borough Council to remove a planning condition that limits the number of concessions the Company can base within their Redding Way store.

New flats on old library site going up


Have you noticed the enormous crane currently in the centre of Knaphill?! Well, work is well under way on the construction of the block of 9 apartments on the old library site on the High Street. Large sections of fabricated build are being lifted into place. The sections are already wired and fitted with some of the fitted units. This method speeds up the construction on site, so hopefully the project should be finished soon, and our high street will be much improved visually.


New flats being constructed

GP Practice put into special measures


The GP practice based at the St. John’s Health Centre, Hermitage Road has been put into special measures by the CQC. The practice was inspected on 8 September but the report was not published until 29 December 2016. The inspection report gives the practice an overall rating of inadequate and the specific areas where they scored the lowest were safe services and leadership. Full details of the CQC report and the action taken by the practice since the inspection can be found on the Health Centres website,

The Chief Inspector of General Practice wrote in the CQC report; ‘I am placing this service in special measures. Services placed in special measures will be inspected again within six months. If insufficient improvements have been made such that it remains a rating of inadequate for any of the population group, key question or overall, we will take action in line with their enforcement procedures.’

Historic building to stay


1-3 High Street, this is the building that use to house the pet shop, is to be retained and converted into apartments. The plan is for 4 apartments on the first and second floor. It is unclear as to whether the ground floor is to remain has retail units or offices.

The building was originally a farm house for Highclere Farm and therefore in a way it is returning to its original use.

The planning application is PLAN/2016/1418

The Anchor Inn should it be demolished?


Earlier this month we reported on the fact that following a review Woking Borough Council had removed the status of community asset from the building.

Prior to CAMRA seeking to have the pub made a community asset WBC were working with developers Metbase to reconfigure the building so that it could be used both for residential purposes and retail, there was talk of a wine bar. However when the Woking Advertiser  reported on the fact that the building was no longer a community asset Metbase is quoted as saying that the plan was to demolish the pub and replace it with a mix of residential and shops, plus parking and social housing.

So what has changed? That is the question we have put to local Councillors but so far no answers.

The Anchor is an historical building and locally listed. When I have been away and I drive up Anchor Hill once I see The Anchor I know I am home. Maybe there is no room for sentimental views and that we should give way to much larger buildings, say similar to the block that contains TESCO’s.

We would welcome your views. If The Anchor closes as a pub should the building be saved  or demolished and make way for a larger more modern structure?

The Anchor Inn is no longer on the Council’s list of assets of community value


Back in July Woking Borough Council determined that The Anchor was an asset of community value and this resulted in pub being included on the Council’s list of Assets of Community Value.

Premier Pubs Estate Limited, the owners of The Anchor, contested the decision and contacted WBC to seek a review of the decision to place The Anchor on the list of Assets of Community Value.

Now Woking Borough Council has published their decision.

‘I determine that The Anchor Inn should not have been included in the Council’s List of Assets of Community Value. This is on the basis that the nomination submitted in respect of The Anchor Inn was not a 2community nomination”, so the requirements of Section 89(1)(a) of the Localism Act 2011 have not bee satisfied.

The full wording of the review cab be found on the Council’s website.

This decision doe not immediately impact on the pubs opening hours, we will have to wait to see what Premier Pubs want to do with the building.


Congratulations to two local business people


First congratulations to Valerie French and the team at her salon in Anchor Crescent, Knaphill. They have been awarded five star status by The Good Salon Guide. We understand that it is the only salon in Surrey to achieve the prestigious rating.

Secondly Lorenzo Monturori of Lorenzo’s Deli and restaurant on Knaphill High Street. Lorenzo was a finalist in the Best Takeaway Chef in Britain category in the British Takeaway Awards.

Well done to both local businesses, lets all shop and eat locally.


Vyne bollards to be removed


At a meeting of Woking’s Joint Committee, that is County Councillors and Woking Councillors, held on Wednesday 8th December the Councillors approved the highways capital work programme for 2017/18. One of the projects was the bollards at the Vyne. The item reads as follows:-

ITS Redding Way, Knaphill – removal of bus gate(rising bollards and prohibition) and possible new safety features. Feasibility, design and construction during 2017/18. Currently only ranked 43rd on the Woking schemes but a high profile issue that links in with A322 review.

Although there was a brief debate at the Joint Committee it would appear that the decision for this work on the bollards was taken at an earlier private, Councillors only, meeting. We know that officers from WBC have been working on a number of changes to our roads in an attempt to reduce the congestion on the A322, Bagshot Road, and the growing traffic problems on the High Street/ Anchor Hill. The KRA was expecting an announcement on the whole plan and were taken by surprise when the officers came forward with just the removal of the bollards.

Those who have been following this story know that the Council promised to consult residents before making a decision, well that appears to have been lost.

During the brief debate in public at the Joint Committee the reason given by a Councillor for bringing the bollards forward as a stand alone project was, and I quote, ‘to improve the safety for those crossing from the car park to the Vyne’.

Memorial garden open for Armistice Day service


Thamesway Housing and Woking Borough Council had completed the majority of the new memorial garden in time for our annual Armistice Day service and we must say thank you for creating such a space within the centre of the village, especially the dry stone wall and appropriate wording.

The service was led by leaders of our local churches with readings from children from St.Hugh’s of Lincoln and Knaphill schools. We also had a guard of honour from Pirbright Barracks.

Once the memorial garden is complete  our local Councillors will organize an official opening and service of dedication.

Patio with loose stone wall and embossed message on stone

Ambulance station – latest


Today as I drove past our ambulance station in Bagshot Road I noticed that what is the equivalent to a ‘For Sale’ notice has been erected. Also today I met Jonathan Lord, our MP, who informed me that the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) have failed to respond to the questions he has put to them.  So it would appear that SECAmb are going ahead with the closure of our ambulance station without any consultation or explanation to those who will be affected or their elected representatives.

It is also clear, given the speed in which the land has been put up for sale, that the main reason for closing our ambulance station is cost and by selling the land SECAmb make money.

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