Old library site, Knaphill High Street


According to the website of Woking’s Planning Dept. an appeal is in progress against the decision taken by the Councillors on Woking’s Planning Committee who, after listening to all the facts rejected the proposal of New Vision Homes, on behalf of Woking Borough Council, to build a three storey block of flats on that site. A block of flats without any vehicle access or dedicated parking.

If the proposed block of flats are given the go ahead by an independent Planning Inspector then the garden at the front of the old library where yesterday we stood in remembrance of those who had fallen in conflict will virtually disappear.

We keep being told by Eric Pickles and other Government Ministers that local planning decisions should be taken by local people. In this case a decision was taken by local councillors but those in higher authority in Woking didn’t like the decision so they have gone to a Planning Inspector, probably from Bristol, to come in and tell us what is best for our community.

It makes planning a joke in this area.


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Phil Stubbs is Secretary to the Knaphill Residents' Association.

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