There are plenty of people in the village asking just what is it the KRA do for us? A perfectly reasonable question. In accordance with our outlined constitution in the KRA page we endeavour to help out Knaphill and the residents without political ties, prejudice or rancour.

We have exceptionally limited resource with which to do this and cannot achieve everything we would like, or what YOU would like. The simple fact is that if you have something you want doing, we need you to help out doing it.

We do achieve a lot with what we have however, and this is some of the more project based work being undertaken by the KRA. Feel free to leave comments!

Ongoing Project: Knaphill village Christmas lights
Knaphill wants lights at Christmas (we know because we ran a poll!). Historically this is a hugely difficult task to achieve but local resident Erica has volunteered to head this project for us, a great example of getting stuck in.


Business Focus
An ongoing campaign to bolster businesses in the village. Every edition of the magazine carries a [free]feature for any business to sell themselves. We’re also considering an informal business get-together on a monthly basis for business owners or managers to ‘chew the fat’.

If any business want us to publicise their news then please get in touch or use the Knaphill village forum.

Knaphill Village Show
Our one chance in the year to bring the community of Knaphill together to have a little celebration and fun! We put a massive amount of effort into this so we hope you enjoy it; anyone wishing to help out is more than welcome.


Litter pick
Potentially a regular event to clean up the village with a small social afterward

Project leaders Ann Mason and Anthony Polak (5/10/12)


Green Space
You’ll have noticed in the village there are planters that aren’t maintained by the council regularly enough and there are hedgerows creeping over what should be open greenspace. This project is to improve these with community groups and making the area beautiful. (UPDATE: It seems that WBC have noticed and are updating the planters in the village…)


Community BBQ
There is the potential for a large scale community BBQ involving local community groups. Ideas on this are nebulous at the moment but it would be sponsor free (ideally) and local people bring their food and drink to have a get together.

Project leader required!