Reply To: iPads

Cllr Kevin Davis on #5796

I am in the next ward and spend a fair amount of my time in or around Knaphill. I also used to live in Knaphill before I moved to Brookwood.

iPads were issued because the Council was subjected to PSN access rules. Essentially, WBC were forced to adopt the IL3 standards in a fairly short time frame and the most cost effective way of achieving this was to follow the standards other councils had used (rather than reinvent the wheel) and issue iPads using the same access technology. Problem is, they’re ghastly, although great if you don’t know anything better. I returned mine after a few weeks and use the older system to access the resources which works better for me.

Each councillor has pages on the Window on Woking site, which is where I blog non-party related material. Doesn’t help Knaphill much however as it is generally Brookwood focused.