Reply To: Traffic, speeding, parking etc

Cllr Kevin Davis on #5798

I’ve campaigned for these bollards to be removed as it will assist with traffic flows on the A322 which directly impact Brookwood Crossroads.

The answer is always the same, they were put up in the first place to protect businesses in Knaphill from Sainsbury’s. I suspect members of this forum who have been around for a while will remember exactly what the village stance was on Sainsbury’s when it was first built (I’ve no idea as I had no interest at the time). Also, there is a cost implication which gets thrown as well regarding the modelling of the road. Something to do with the design which was for buses and not cars, put the two together and there may be problems. Can’t see it somehow, but I don’t see these bollards coming down for a while yet. SCC Highways and common sense rarely can be said in the same sentence.