Re: Re: Boundary changes

Phil Stubbs on #5590

Woking BC Executive Committee considered all the comments they have received following the public consultation on the changes to the boundaries for local elections. The Council have now formulated their preferred ideas and these will be presented to the full Council next week after which the Council submitting their proposals to the Boundary Commission.In the case of Knaphill the report from the Chief Executive states that the response from Knaphill residents was generally supportive with three specific concerns about where Victoria Road was split, a proposal for the southern boundary of the Ward should extend to the canal, and that certain properties along Littlewick Road should be in Knaphill not in Goldsworth Park. The above points have been accommodated to the extent number will permit. Representations in respect of areas formerly in the Ward of Knaphill but now included in Goldsworth Park, the area between Lockfield Drive and Robin Hood Road could not be accommodated as the numbers would not permit. By numbers they mean the number of residents within a Ward. The target is 7,802 and the current proposal has 7,958 residents in Knaphill. These figures included projected development like Brookwood Farm.The maps circulated at the Council Executive were not large enough to actually determine where the new boundary has been drawn but I can confirm that the land between the houses in Percheron Drive/ Strathcona Gardens and the canal has returned to Knaphill where it rightfully belongs. In time I hope this area will be renamed Knaphill Country Park.I have suggested that a larger map is displayed in the library so that residents can view the Councils preferred option.