Re: Re: New happenings in the High Street

Andy Hills on #5597

Shops will only open where theres a market. If there wasnt a market, there wouldnt be so many take-aways.Its far to easy to moan about a lack of butcher/baker etc (I thought stephs bakery was terrible) but its much harder to actually do anything about it. Then people wont actually use it.

Only partly true. Not all businesses will do market research to test the market and take aways tend to pop up everywhere safe in the knowledge that people need to eat! Knaphill has a glut and it would be nice to have less of them but I applaud every last one for remaining open.Knaphill is more service-oriented than retail and a wider variety of business would be nice to see but rents in the village are sky high which is a big turn off. There was a wine bar, now opened in a prime site in Woking town centre, that was looking at Knaphill but didn't go for it due to cost. I also know of a greengrocer that was looking to open in the village which is rare in itself but when he saw the cost he thought it was a typo!If WBC saw us fit enough to do something about it, they could create a development plan for the village in a similar way that they are developing the town centre. It simply appears that they don't give a monkeys about us and are happy to concentrate on the town rather than the supporting villages. There's no direction for the village, no plan other than to build flats and I think WBC see Knaphill as the poor cousin.I love seeing new business coming to Knaphill and I look forward to supporting them