Residents raise more questions about Sainsbury’s plans for Knaphill


In recent months KRA has brought the subject of Sainsbury’s extension plans out into the open and helped to make more local people aware of the issues. Responding to concerns from many KRA members we felt that Sainsbury’s Planning Application should not go forward until the wider community had the opportunity to see what was being proposed, to be properly consulted and to be given the opportunity to express their views.

Once more people became aware of Sainsbury’s plans residents have raised many more questions and we are pleased that we have been able to encourage a healthy discussion of the merits and drawbacks of the proposals.

Issues raised by residents included:
Concern about increased traffic flows along the A322. It would appear that these concerns are shared by Surrey County Council (SCC). It is understood that SCC Highways have requested additional information from Sainsbury’s in order to substantiate the initial future traffic flow projections that Sainsbury’s have made.

Concerns about increased noise levels.
On 8 September, WBC re-notified neighbours of the development following receipt of a Noise Assessment they had requested. In response to the raised local awareness and the letters of re-notification being sent out, a number of additional representations and objections have been made by local residents.

One of the more recent objections we have noted expressed concern about the size of the extension and the visual impact. Another objection has highlighted that the proposals include the cutting down and removal of a substantial number of existing trees in the Car Park. It was suggested that the “harsh pale grey exterior” in “industrial” materials gives the store “an incredibly bleak and austere appearance” and an “overbearing presence”. Naturally, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and others may feel that the new store design is attractive and modern, and that the removal of trees in the Car Park will give an uncluttered appearance.

To help you decide please open the link which will take you to a comparison of the existing store/car park with an artist’s impression of the area after the expansion, which was prepared and submitted by Sainsbury’s as part of their Planning Application.  Sainsburys_Before_&_After. Please let us know what you think.  (Part of the artist’s impression is shown on this page, but we recommend that you look at the full panoramic images to make a clearer comparison).

A date for the Woking Borough Council (WBC) Planning Committee meeting to determine the planning application has not yet been set; it would appear to have been put back by at least a month, presumably while WBC awaits substantiation of highways issues.

We have been running a simple poll on these pages, asking the question: Do you think a major expansion of Sainsbury’s will be good for Knaphill? We do not claim it is representative of the full range of views on the subject but at least it gives a hint of local opinion. At the close of the poll on 21st September the votes cast were:
TOTAL : 124  votes   
NO: 56% (69 votes)    YES: 34% (42 votes)    NOT SURE: 10%  (12 votes)  None: (1)

KRA will continue to update these pages, so please return to the site to keep informed and let us have your views and comments; please add your points in the Comments Section below.


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Andy is a business systems and operations consultant for The Business Delicatessen and has helped the KRA over several years. He is former editor of the magazine and also runs Fat Crow Design.

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  1. Mrs Deborah Bliss on

    I do not agree that Sainsbury’s expanding will be good for Knaphill for all the reasons stated. It is important to continue to use the local services and shops in the village.

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