Sainsbury’s plans for Knaphill….the Superstore & the High Street….the plot thickens!


Most local people know about Sainsbury’s Planning Application for the extension of their Brookwood/Knaphill Superstore, but recent news is that Sainsbury’s have now also shown an interest in the CLIFTON’S SITE, 15 High Street, Knaphill.  PLAN/2011/0062

See information on both plans below:

Sainsbury’s have agreed to lease the (re-developed) premises, subject to changes to the Planning Conditions agreed at the time of the original Planning Approval (PLAN/2010/0085). Many residents living close to Cliftons were very concerned about the impact of the original plans to develop this site (with housing above and an increase in shopping area); other people saw the proposed development of the site as offering an opportunity to revitalise the centre of the village. This latest Planning Application raises these issues again and adds a number of others.

Sainsbury’s are asking for longer opening hours and delivery times.
Many local residents who live near to the Redding Way Store may have some words of warning for anyone living near to the CLIFTON’s SITE about what to expect with regard to noise, pollution and general disturbance (see Photo. above)

See our more recent article which gives more information about the Plans re the CLIFTON’s SITE.
Residents can see the Application and Documents on the WBC website  Key in PLAN/2011/0062 There is growing concern in Knaphill about Sainsbury’s Plans. Make sure your views are heard.

Comments and objections can be raised via the WBC Planning Applications site.

Sainsbury’s Planning Application for the extension of their Brookwood/Knaphill Superstore remains undecided
. KRA understand that Woking Borough Council (WBC) have been carefully considered the Sainsbury’s Application and Accompanying Information. Two of the key issues raised in representations to the Council were: the impact of the proposed expansion on local shops and the increased noise emissions.

On the question of the
viability of local shops, WBC has concluded that the proposed development would have an adverse impact on the viability of the village centre. Since such a conclusion is contrary to Local Planning Policy, it is understood they have advised Sainsburys that the application be recommended for refusal. In response, Sainsbury’s submitted back-up details clarifying their view regarding retail impact of the store and subsequently WBC have commissioned an independent retail consultant, who is to advise them further.   

Regarding noise levels
, we believe that Sainsbury’s  have been advised that noise emissions from the store breach conditions imposed by its existing planning permission. They have agreed to implement a schedule of works so that noise emissions are brought into line with existing planning permission. But some residents have reported to WBC  and KRA that in their opinion Sainsburys is only paying  ‘lip service’ on the issue of noise nuisance (see Main Photo. above). 

On both these points, The Council seem to have listened to local concerns about the impact of a significant expansion of the kind Sainsburys are proposing. So……..what happens now?   

There is to be a delay of several more weeks before the final outcome of the application. Once the Council have considered the additional information submitted by Sainsbury’s they will publish a report setting out the Council Officer’s final recommendation. We will publish a link to this report on the KRA website and let you know the proposed committee date as soon as we have it.
Please keep checking back to the website for further information. (See our earlier articles for the background to this subject).

The impact the latest Sainsbury’s Application for a foothold in the village centre remains to be seen……yes, the plot thickens. You can raise objections and make comments via the WBC website (see the link above).
Please also add your comments below. Let us know what you think. These issues are important for local people.

KRA believes that residents need to know what is happening and to have access to accurate information so that we can have our say before decisions are made .



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Andy is a business systems and operations consultant for The Business Delicatessen and has helped the KRA over several years. He is former editor of the magazine and also runs Fat Crow Design.


  1. did anyone see the peoples supermarket last night on tv? (they have a facebook page, look them up, its really interesting) – i wonder if he’d help us set up a franchise!!!! we dont want or need sainsburys right here do we??? 🙁 what impact would it have on the lovely knaphill stores and the co-op??!! :/ or for me and my children who have to walk to school that way? how much busier would it be fo rus? i for one would boycott it if they DID get the lease ….

  2. Personally i welcome the proposal. My experience of Sain’s Local’s are that they are clean, well maintained and offer a good choice. It may also give other local businesses the nudge they need to sharpen up the overall appearance of our village and the services they offer.
    I would also suggest / welcome that the pavement be narrowed on that side (from the Crown – Electrical shop) to facilitate parking for 20 min to encourage through trade to the high street shops as many folk seem not to park in the carpark and walk round – this is where the main supermarkets clean up on business as they offer a range of goods with easy parking.

    Bring on the competition and some fresh new frontage, the Crown owners have pulled their finger out and its time others followed suit, Pizza Express would also be nice….. 🙂

  3. We already have a Sainsbury within walking Distance of Knaphill. This would only increase traffic congestion and parking issues in Knaphill. There is also a pedestrian crossing and bus stop right next to where the entrance for this store would be, that I consider would make this junction very dangerous. The plans for the redevelopment of the Clifton’s site should never have been passed by the Woking planning committee. Extending the opening hours would damage the viability of the local shops in Knaphill and this development was only passed on the condition that the shop opening hours would be limited to 8.00am to 8.00pm

  4. no no no we do not need another sainsburys in the high st and what about sainsburys monopoly in knaphill how can that be competive

  5. We certainly do not need another Sainsburys in Knaphill. Clifton’s should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this after so many years in the village

  6. Knaphill has a very presentable Coop and a short way away a very large Sainsburys. Knaphill does not want nor need a Sainsburys “local” nor does it want the existing store at “Brookwood” extended.

    So no to Sainsburys.

    What about the local independent convenience store in Knaphill?

    The planners will no doubt have other ideas. Just recently Morrissons have had their extension started – so they can sell more products.

    At the same time Woking Town Centre is beginning to look like a ghost town.

    Planners, please no more out of town “chain” stores, no more expansion plans.

  7. As a resident of only 2 years to the area, I consider that a Sainsbury in Knaphill High Street would destroy the variety of small independent shops that we now enjoy. I cannot see how the High Street would reasonably cope with traffic and traffic fumes and noise.

  8. I feel that local objections which are considerable have not been taken into account re the Sainsbury store in the centre of Knaphill.
    The noise of deliveries, traffic jams caused by cars turning into the store car park by traffic lights and a busy bus stop will lead to considerable congestion.
    I thought Woking Council was a green council not in Knaphill it isn’t !!!!!!!!!

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