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    I am new to the forum and a Knaphill resident since 2007/8. I am very interested in the history of the village and its surrounding attractions, and a very accomplished writer and artist who likes to immerse myself in the village I live, despite being somewhat private in
    the main and not really knowing of all the residents who have lived all their lives here. It
    is most certainly a diverse and populated hamlet with resourceful local services – including a much appreciated library and pet store.

    I can hold a discussion on many subjects, and studied in the fields of Social sciences; media -technology, animal welfare, mental health. I am also a very passionate supporter of better awareness of mental health in the community, and care very deeply of the general wellbeing of all citizens on the whole, which makes me uniquely approachable in the main. I am also acutely and presently aware of the issues facing community members, that include busy roads; littering, lack of wider-community-gathering projects #, and not least of all, destructive antisocial behaviours I myself have encountered whilst living here over the course of almost seven years total. Before this, I used to live in Guildford and so am a Surrey surfer of sorts!. I am also multilingual and so can speak several languages if there are other members on the site who do not necessarily speak fluent English@ main languages are Swedish, Danish, French and some degree of German and Mandarin Chinese.

    I am most pleased there there is a Knaphill residents’ online community, because I suffer with acute agoraphobia, clinical depression and anxiety as a direct consequence of childhood abuse trauma – not that this is necessarily relevant to my memebership here, yet useful to know nonetheless and encourages new and/or existing membersto feel they can join and discuss how matters impact or not, on their own wellbeing.

    Know the boundaries of human spite and you will thrive and mature just as you should and might.

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