Dear Councillors – tell us what you plan for the village

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    Guy on #5568

    As title – I'd like to know just what you are planning to achieve for Knaphill and how you're ging about it and keeping people informed.

    Andy Hills on #5607

    I'd be interested in this too!

    Guy on #5608

    Nothing it seems!

    Andy Hills on #5609

    Still not a thing. A new season of councillors is well underway and not a peep which is very disappointing. I know Melanie Whitehand has been busy at home with family but the total lack of anything from Knaphill councillors continues to raise questions.

    new1 on #5610

    somehow expected not to see anything from councillors here still. do they know about the forum???

    Andy Hills on #5611

    Yep. Have sent out invitations via email to join and post and contribute a couple of times now but no interest. Melanie does post on the Knaphillian forum but as a rule communication is not what the councillors do well!

    Guy on #5612

    pmsl I see the knaphillian is jumping on this bandwagon!

    Andy Hills on #5613

    Indeed but can't knock that – maybe one day, one councillor will use their issued iPad to communicate with the masses. Don't hold your breath.

    new1 on #5758

    Have you upset them somehow? I still haven’t heard anything

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