Local elections 2014

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    Andy Hills on #5570

    Well the 22nd has come around and there have been 5 candidates announced for today's elections. Of those, I only heard from ONE in the run up – the conservatives. That flyer had lots of the usual 'aren't we conservatives wonderful' and managed to produce information on what the conservatives have done for Woking town centre and presented lots of wonderful statistics on general conservative party stuff for Woking Borough. Goldsworth Park got a mention too. Very little on KNAPHILL, in my opinion, which is poor for a local Knaphill election flyer.To be clear, I'm not bashing the tories and all our local councillors have worked for Knaphill but I rather felt that with two pages available, it should have concentrated on Knaphill, for a Knaphill election. It shouldn't have been hard to do.I can't comment on anyone else's flyers as no one else made any effort that I saw to communicate anything, which has frankly left me feeling that if they can't be bothered to communicate and promote themselves, their policies and values then why should I bother voting? I will, but that's purely because of my own values and it would be a waste not to.So a special request for the future - with so many methods and channels available to talk to the locals, PLEASE start being open in your communications!! Regular LOCAL newsletters, emails or social media are all very easy and simple to achieve and will tell everyone what you're up to and what you're about - for KnaphillPlease?

    new1 on #5614

    Has anyone heard from any councillors since the election? I constantly see blogs and social media used by councillors in surrounding areas yet nothing in Knaphill – do they do anything?!

    Guy on #5615

    do we even have councillers anymore?!?! this is mentioned in another post, that the councillers never use social media etc and even the knaphillian twitter account is jumping on the bandwagon so it must be true!

    Andy Hills on #5616

    Unfortunately there is no intention from any councillor to use social media. I've asked directly and got that response from both Melanie and Debbie and I have no idea about Saj. Melanie has said they are purely 'reactive' when it comes to Knaphill, only getting involved in anything when asked. They don;t seek out projects to improve the village and we have no idea what they DO get up to as they refuse to say.Anyone else feel like a mushroom?

    Knaphillite on #5763

    councillors are a waste of space. you only hear at election time or if they’re jumping n the ideas of others to promote themselves.


    Cllr Kevin Davis on #5799

    councillors are a waste of space. you only hear at election time

    Okaaay. My view has always been the election is for me to present myself to the ward so they know who I am, after that it is the job of the residents to seek me out if they need assistance.

    It’s not a full time job, it’s a volunteer role with an allowance that doesn’t come anywhere near compensating for the amount of time and grief received.

    It’s very rewarding however. You should try it. There is an awareness session coming up in November: http://www.woking.gov.uk/news?item=00005450F2F4.C0A801BA.000063C7.0004 I suspect most people couldn’t be a councillor even if they wanted to be.



    Guy on #5810

    Welcome to the forum Kevin – good to see a councillor! be interesting to see how the awareness session goes

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