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    Phil Stubbs on #5567

    I attended the Local Committee on the 5th. This is a meeting of County and Borough Councillors. Two items of interest to Knaphill residents.Roads:- The resurfacing of Queens Road has been deferred, along with other roads in the County. The reason given was that contractor's have been dealing with flooding and related incidents therefore all resurfacing work was postponed. The problem was that the County Highways manager at last nights meeting was unable to say when the work will restart.There will be a further debate on this subject but next time it will be in private and it will be a question of which Councillor shouts the loudest.Staying with roads The Broadway, along with other roads, had what they call road surface treatment in the summer. This was where they put down a layer of tar and then sprinkled chippings on the road. Anyone driving down this road will see large bald spots and the majority of chippings either in the gutter or on the pavement. The Highways manager agreed to look at the road, do not hold your breath.Lollipop lady: or to give them their official title , School crossing patrols. AS many of you will know our favourite lollypop lady, Fran, has been under threat before and it looked as if her position was again under threat. In a SCC report it states that national guidelines states that school crossing patrols should not operate where there is a light controlled crossing in situ, the Garibaldi junction comes under this heading. The report goes on to say that SCC planned to review the small number of cases were there were lights controlled crossing and a lollypop lady. The County would carry out a risk assessment and the lollypop lady would either be removed or relocated.However under questioning the Road Safety Manager from SCC stated that there were no plans to remove current lollipop lady's but would review the position when the current lollipop ladys retire.So Fran's position should be secured until she decides to hang up her lollipop stick.       

    new1 on #5606

    The state of Broadway is awful, looks more like a gravel pit!

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