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    Phil Stubbs on #5566

    Last night, 24 February, our Councillors had the opportunity to question Woking's Head of Planning on the method of informing residents of a planning application in their area. I must say I felt that the questioning was very weak and in fact the majority of Councillors didn't even question the Head of Planning. At the end of the debate the Councillors accepted that the current practice for notification to neighbours of planning applications is fit for purpose.Planning applications are categorised as either major or minor. Minor covers the majority of applications where the number of new houses is less than 10.For example a new planning application in Knaphill is for the demolition of two houses in the High Street, 126 & 128, and replaced with four new houses and a block containing two flats. This is considered minor so the only people the Council will write to are those residents or businesses who's premises touch the boundary of 126 & 128. This plot of land is next to Knaphill School and the new houses will overlook the school playground and open air swimming pool, a minor application? If you want more details n the above application it is PLAN/2014/0077 and details are available via Woking Borough Council's web site. 

    Andy Hills on #5603

    I wonder if our councillors will respond…?

    Guy on #5604

    Guess not!

    new1 on #5605

    Still no?

    Cllr Kevin Davis on #5797

    I know it is a while ago, but this item was brought to the Overview & Scrutiny Committee at my request. I agree questioning was fairly weak, however I believe that is because essentially the Planning dept had had around a year to get their answers and processes changed ready for this meeting.

    As far as I was concerned, the officers of WBC go beyond the guidelines as laid out by Government in many cases so we were beginning to run out of areas to question.

    Overall, it is fit for purpose.



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