Speeding has reached our limits

Recent debate has begun regarding the concerns of residents on speeding in the village. A recent poll showed that 55% have noticed speeding frequently, 25% often and 20% not at all.

Residents in Chobham Road, especially around the Knaphill Lower School area, have raised the issue due to inconsiderate and dangerous driving around the school. Near misses from speeding 4×4’s and ill-considered parking from parents dropping children off at school are at the center of the concern.

This is not the first time speeding, parking and traffic have been raised but we are in the very early stages of attempting to make sure it’s one of the last. All measures will be up for consideration and local councillors, police and the school have been invited to join in and take an active role – indeed the village will require their support if aims are to be met. One suggestion is for a reduction in speed limit to 20mph; you can read an article on this from The Telegraph here.

Shortly there will be a petition created for residents to sign to show their support for such a set of actions to reduce speeding and traffic problems, with a focus on the areas outside schools.

Updates on this topic will be posted here so please get in touch if you wish to add any information.


UPDATE 3/12/12

Cllr Melanie Whitehand has already been in touch and has contacted both Geoff McManus regarding parking and the police to help the situation…

UPDATE 4/12/12

We’ve met with county councillor Diana Smith (a fortuitous meeting while putting up lights around Anchor Cresent!) and SCC are in the process of installing speed monitoring equipment in Chobham Road. This can, apparently, take some time to put in place however so a quicker option in the interim is for the police to conduct some speed testing. The results from the testing in the High Street are about to become available so we shall find out what they are soon and what, if any measures are implemented.


The school now have a banner for safer parking on the front fence and the police presence on school days is having an amazing effect – well done all. I do feel slightly sorry for the police though, they look frozen today!

One Comment on “Speeding has reached our limits

  1. Hmm, after an average start to the 2013 school session I see cars are back into old habits parking across driveways and on the zigzags!


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