Coral want to open a second Betting Office on the High Street

Late last month we read in the local paper that Coral Racing had applied for a premises licence for 13 High Street, the old HSBC Bank. The notice did not give very much detail and so we wrote to Coral asking if it was their intention to move their current betting office or operate two shops?

We have now received a response and Coral have confirmed that their plans for 13 High Street are to operate a full licenced betting office (over the counter transactions as well as 4 fixed odds betting terminals). With regards to the current betting office at 29A High Street Coral state that they plan to operate the two premises for a minimum of 3 months and then decided whether there is sufficient business to operate both shops.

So the application for a full premises licence for 13 High Street is in addition to the licence held on the premises at 29A High Street.

Do you believe that we, the residents, want two betting shops in the centre of the village?


Footnote: If you want to read more about fixed odds betting terminals such as those operated by Coral then please look at this Google search.

3 Comments on “Coral want to open a second Betting Office on the High Street

  1. NO NO NO to another betting shop. The village is already going to the dogs in a manner of speaking without the aid of another betting shop. What are the council thinking of to allow this and why was it done in such a sneaky(as usual) way?
    We are in a recession, why encourage people to waste their money gambling.


  2. Certainly NOT. We already have one why another one? What are planning thinking of?


  3. I do not usually jump to the defence of WBC but in the case of Coral being granted a gambling licence for the old bank building I feel I should. Local Authorities hands are tied on licencing betting shops and it is down to Government to tighten the law. I, and I advise other to write to Jonathan Lord our MP and express your concerns.


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