Parking black spots update

A quick post (as submitted) to show how the parking black spots are mounting up! This will be updated periodically so keep them coming via the poll on the front page.

Trinity road
Top of Beechwood Road
A322 Bagshot Road, just past the BT building. Often cars parked on pavement
Broadway (Village End – Particularly the idiot with the blue MG)
next to the CO -OP
Englefield Road at it’s junction with High Street, Knaphill
Lower Guildford Road between Victoria Road and High Street
High Street, Knaphill junction of Highclere Road to junction of Anchor Hill
Broadway junction of High Street to The Vyne, Knaphill
Area of Barley Mow Lane, Waterers Rise and Barley Mow Close Knaphill
High Street and Highclere Road by Crown pub and Latham Court
Florence Way
chobham road
swallow rise
Redding way, frequently cars on pavement or half on road and pavement near the basketball court.
Waterers Rise
Shopping end of queens road!
Chobham Road between garibaldi and A322

One Comment on “Parking black spots update

  1. Robin Hood crescent – cars parked right up to the junction, making it incredibly difficult to turn in/out of road, as have to drive on the wrong side, and cars turning in cannot see you until too late.


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