Another Planning Application from Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s of Redding Way, Knaphill has submitted a planning application (PLAN/2014/1017 ) to build a single-storey, standalone, dry-cleaning pod to front (south-east) elevation of superstore.

This further extension if granted, would be operated by Timpson’s and would offer dry-cleaning, shoe repairs, watch repairs, key cutting, engraving and photo processing. There would also be illuminated signage which may be particularly relevant to the residents opposite the store that have already mentioned night time lighting.

Agents for Sainsbury’s in a statement attached to the planning application state that they do not see this new business having an impact on current businesses in Knaphill.


View and comment via WBC website –

Should you choose to make a comment on the WBC planning portal, it is useful to back it up with reference to the Core Strategy document –

6 Comments on “Another Planning Application from Sainsbury’s

  1. Hmm … ask the two dry cleaning businesses in Knaphill, then, especially the lovely, conscientious couple who run the business next to the library. Or how about Boorman’s Jewellers for watch repairs? Either Sainsbury’s movers and shakers haven’t been into the heart of Knaphill or they don’t care.


  2. Completely agree Dave! Let’s hope that WBC recognise this WILL be damaging to existing business instead of ignoring them like past decisions.


  3. The WBC 1999 local area plan for Knaphill (and Hermitage), indicated that the council “seeks to restrict the growth of further out of centre shopping (SHP2)”, so if the council wishes to stick to their own plan (although quite old), then this shouldn’t even get a look in. We don’t need more shopping facilities located at Sainsburys, and what we have in the village and immediate surrounding areas (dry cleaners also in Hermitage) is sufficient for the local population.


  4. This planning application has my full support. It’s strange that planning for a retail business has these restrictions in the first place but competition is good thing, and Timpsons is a good business. Local businesses are wealth creators, companies like Sainsburys are job creators.


  5. Raj, Knaphill is not alone in suffering from large supermarkets situated outside the centre of a town or village and when Sainsbury’s applied to build their extension the agreement between Sainsbury’s and Woking Borough Council Is that they would not open concessions within the store. Technically this proposed Timpson pod is outside the store but the impact on shops in the centre of Knaphill will be the same. All those who are opposed to the planning application are just asking Sainsbury’s to abide by the spirit of the agreement reached when they sought permission to build their extension.

    All the services that Timpson’s are offering, with the exception of photo developing, are available in Knaphill. Yes the new pod at Sainsbury’s will create jobs but at what expense? Three independent retailers in Knaphill would be in the firing line and they could either close or reduce their staffing. During the summer an independent retailer tried to get a fruit & veg stall off the ground but in the end he found that he could not compete with the supermarkets.

    Over the years we have seen retail shops close in Knaphill replaced by fast food outlets, I may be old fashioned and I like the small shops that offer personal service in the village, similar to shops in Horsell or Lightwater and I do feel it would be a great loss if our choice was down to the decisions of big businesses like Sainsbury’s based elsewhere in the country or even overseas.


  6. No, no, no.

    This application MUST be refused. If I remember correctly the original Sainsburys application said they would never expand. Their promises must not be trusted.

    Fingers crossed the planing committee will refuse this but I don’t trust them either.

    No more retail developments for knaphill from large companies


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