Vyne bollards latest information

Updated 16 March 2016

At last weeks Joint Committee Cllr. Kingsbury reported that having examined the bollards the engineers had reported that the whole system will require a complete rebuild including a new control system. SCC have requested a full costing of this full rebuild before taking a decision.

Update 26 February 2016

The KRA has been informed that an update on the planned restoration of the bollards will be given to the Woking Joint Committee to be held on 9 March. Full details from this meeting will be posted on this site.

Update 5 February 2016

BE WARNED it remains an offence to go through the junction of the Broadway and Redding Way at the Vyne. Although the barriers may be out of action but the ‘No Entry’ signs are still in place. Yesterday, 4 Feb, the police were monitoring this junction and over 20 motorists were pulled up for going through a ‘No Entry’ sign. These motorists were given a £100 fixed fine plus 3 points on their licence.

Turning to the bollards, an engineer did visit the site on Wednesday 27 January to see if the bollards could be brought back into operation. The engineer has reported back to SCC that the damage to the bollards is so sever that they cannot be brought back into action in the immediate future.

We will keep residents up to date on developments.

The KRA has been asked what happened to the survey that the KRA carried out in 2014. The survey showed a small majority in favour of having the barriers removed. Part of our discussions with WBC and SCC it has been agreed that a more detailed survey will be carried out about the future of these bollards. Again we will keep you updated.

Tuesday 26th January

On Monday 25th January the KRA were invited to join a meeting of County Councillors and SCC Highways. At the meeting we were given a blow by blow account as to why the bollards have been out of action for close on 2 years. One of the main reasons for the lengthy delay was the fact that BT delayed carrying out essential work on the monitoring systems and when work was carried out BT damaged the detectors buried in the road.

SCC Highways stated that they would restore the bollards as soon as possible, engineers would carry out a detailed inspection this week and if they could restore the bollards to operation they would do so. If the bollards required considerable amount of money spending on them then they would report back to the Council.

At the meeting three options on the long term future of the junction between Broadway and Redding Way were tabled; restore the bollards, remove the bollards and construct a standard roundabout or close of the junction to all traffic. The Council will consider these options over the next twelve months. The representative from the KRA stressed that this junction should not be viewed in isolation but in finding a solution to the overall increase in traffic using Knaphill as the route from the A322 to Woking.

The KRA know that both Woking BC and Surrey CC are looking at the congestion on the A322 especially from Redding Way traffic lights to the Brookwood traffic lights and a report is expected this summer so the KRA believe that it is essential that all options are considered in light of this expected report.

The KRA are also keen for local residents to be consulted prior to decisions being taken.

Highways issues are going to be high on the KRA agenda for 2016 and we will keep all residents fully informed of developments.

Please feel free to contact us with your views or observations.

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