About Us

The Knaphill Residents Association, or KRA, was formed in 2001, and is made up of a group of committed volunteers who care about our village.

committee FC

Why do we exist?

To make Knaphill village a better place to be – to live in, work in, shop in and spend time in.

What are our aims?

To help residents, businesses and community groups share ideas and work together.

Raise awareness of, and campaign on, key local issues.

To achieve better results together as a group than might be possible for individuals.

What actions do we take?

Regular monthly meetings to share information of goings-on within the village and borough.

Keep the community informed of news and events, including key planning applications, via our website and Facebook pages

Publish a quarterly free magazine, which is distributed to 5000 local readers

Keeping a regular direct dialogue with our local councillors

Organise events, which bring people together, and benefit our village

Where a planning application of significant importance to the village has been submitted to Woking Borough Council, the KRA will, on occasion, formally submit views to the planning department. In such situations it is done with unanimous agreement of the KRA committee.

Work with other local groups and organisations.

Our principles and values:

A not-for-profit organisation

No party political bias


Tolerant of differing points of view

Volunteer hands

Documents and further reading…

Map to follow…

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