Help out

We know that life is busy, and not everyone can spare the time to get involved in a BIG way, but there are loads of things you can do in a small way that make a BIG difference to us!

You can help by:


  • Becoming a member, £6 per year
  • Joining our committee
  • Sharing your skills and expertise
  • Volunteering your help at events
  • Writing articles or taking photos for our magazine or website
  • Helping to distribute the magazine

We are always looking for enthusiastic locals to help support our village community, so if you think you might be able to help with any of these things, please do get in touch. Here is a little more detail on each one.

Become a member

There is an entire page dedicated to becoming a member, so check that out to find out more, but essentially it’s a way of making a donation to us so that we can keep doing what we’re doing. Membership is only £6 per year, and requires no further effort on your part, unless you’d like there to be.

Join the committee

We are a friendly bunch of locals who are committed to making Knaphill a better place to be. We meet once a month for 1 ½ hours, and in between we sometimes exchange the odd email on issues that have arisen. If you just want to come along to see if you’d like to get involved, then please do. Most of our meeting dates and times are in the event calendar, or you can message anyone on the committee to ask us if you can attend.

Share your expertise

Our committee is always on the lookout for people who have skills that we can use, either for free of for a reduced rate. There are certain tasks that we currently have to pay people for, but if you would be willing to donate your time to do these tasks for us, then we can save money:

  • Do you have accounting experience and would be willing to audit our KRA accounts once a year?
  • Do you have magazine or publishing design experience and would be willing to do our layouts once per quarter? Or even just come to you for the occasional ad hoc design job?
  • Do you have technical website experience using WordPress?

Volunteer at events

If you enjoy getting involved with real events, and playing a part in making important days come together, then this may be the area for you. The biggest event that the KRA organises is the Knaphill Village Show. The show takes place on a Saturday in July and receives around 2000 visitors, with the numbers going up and up each year. We can’t do this without the help of enthusiastic villagers willing to lend their time. Could you come along on the morning to help set up gazebos and bunting? Could you give an hour of your time to man the bouncy castle or the car park? Could you hang around at the end of the day to dismantle gazebos and pick up a bin bag of rubbish? All of these little jobs need doing, and maybe you’re someone who can help.

We also run other events including a twice-yearly litter pick, and decorating Christmas trees; if you’re interested in helping at those then get in touch.

Write an article or send us a photo

Rebecca Ward

We love nothing more than featuring an article written by a member of the community in our magazine, or on our website. Even if you have no experience of writing we are keen to hear what you have to say, so get in touch, and tell us if there is something you feel passionately about.

Would you like to see a photo that you’ve taken on the front cover of our magazine? Or the home page of our website? Many of our photos are submitted by members of the public who are simply snapping away on their smartphone around the village. If you think you’ve got something equally good, then send it to us.

Email the website editor or magazine editor here.

Distribute our magazine

How many houses are there in your street? Would you be willing to post one of our magazines in each of the houses in your street just four times a year? We print 5000 copies of our quarterly magazine, and mostly it’s distributed by the committee and a few volunteers, but there are quite a few that we just don’t have the manpower to get to, and for those we have to pay someone. If you’d be willing, for every road we can get covered by a volunteer, that’s money that we don’t have to spend on paying someone to do it. Let us know if you think you could do a road for us.

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