KRA AGM Speakers

Each year the Knaphill Residents Association holds an AGM, and this year it takes on Tuesday 24th April, at 7.30pm, in the Knaphill Baptist Church on High Street. Everyone is welcome to attend, and we really encourage you to come along, find out about what we’ve been up to, and what you might be able to get involved with.

We have two fantastic local speakers this year who will be sharing their knowledge on two fascinating subjects:

Linda Kemeny is up first and will be talking to us on the impact women have made in politics. This year it will be 100 years since women were first given the vote, and Linda will take us through that history and the impact it has had on our lives. Linda Kemeny was formerly Lead Member for Children’s Services and Cabinet Member for Schools, Skills and Educational Achievement on Surrey County Council.

Next up is Cllr John Kingsbury who grew up in the borough and will be telling us a little about how the area has changed during this time and the impact he has seen in local government. John is a former Mayor and Leader of Woking Borough Council.

We hope you agree it should be a fascinating evening, and we will even provide tea and biscuits as well!



Planning Updates

At the KRA we like to keep you informed of any important planning applications that are currently being processed for the Knaphill village so that you’re aware and know how they might impact you. In particular we want to draw your attention to two such applications:

PLAN/2017/1309. This was an application from New Vision Homes to build 4 houses (terraced) on Englefield Road, behind the Co-op. This application has been rejected by the Planning Dept. at WBC on the grounds that it was unduly cramped and small size of residential units and associated amenity space, parking provision and intensification of use. Furthermore the erection of the three storey buildings at 9.5 metres in height fails to correlate to this street-scene and would appear out-of-character in this context creating dominating buildings in the context of the area.

PLAN/2017/1398. The developer of the land at the rear of Sussex Court already has an approved planning application to build a single bungalow on this land. However, this new application was to build two bungalows, which has been rejected by Planning Dept. of WBC. The reason given for rejection was that the design and shape of the building and footprint and resulting layouts would result in an unduly cramped and contrived overdevelopment of the site which would fail to respect and make a positive contribution to the character of the area in which it would be situated.   


Nothing new to report on the Anchor Pub proposals, and the owner of 1-3 High Street is working on a new plan after the previous application was refused (click here for full article).



Knaphill Magazine Spring Issue

The latest issue of Knaphill News is out now, and our tireless volunteers are out pounding the pavements to deliver a copy to your front door as I type. In the unlikely event that you don’t receive a copy through the door, then simply click here to download the latest issue, or you can collect a printed version from a number of locations around Knaphill, including the Post Office, library and GP surgeries.

This Spring issue is the first by our brand new editor, Jonny Cope, and we think he’s done a fantastic job, with articles on the ambulance service, refuse collection and children’s services in the village, as well as a few words from one of our councillors, Debbie Harlow, and the usual round of village news and updates. So get your copy today and get reading!

KRA Committee Meeting Minutes – February 2018

Here are the KRA committee meeting minutes from February 2018.

1. KRA Minutes – Feb 18

Voter ID Required to Vote

We are pleased to announce that Woking Borough has been selected to trial the use of photographic ID when voting at polling stations in the elections taking place on 3rd May 2018. We are one of only five boroughs to be taking part in this trial across the country. This is a super important trial, and if it were to be rolled out nationally, it would put us in line with other countries around the world, to prove your identity when you vote.

A full article is available to read here on the Woking BC website but the usual IDs such as drivers license or passport or seniors bus pass are exactly the type of thing you’ll be required to take along with you when you go to vote. 


KRA AGM 2018

The Knaphill Residents Association Annual General Meeting takes place in the Knaphill Baptist Church on High Street on Wednesday 24th April, and everyone is welcome to attend. Come to hear two fascinating speakers followed by a round up of the work we have carried out in the last year, as well as a review of the Village Show. We encourage all residents to come along, and refreshments will be provided.


KRA Committee Meeting Minutes – January

Here are the minutes from the latest KRA committee meeting in January 2018.

Refuse Collection Changes & Issues

As you are probably aware, back in September 2017, Woking Borough Council switched doorstep refuse collection companies. They are now being emptied by Amey, on behalf of Joint Waste Solutions and meant that for many of us, our bins are collected at slightly different times of the day from how they used to be. The switch over hopes to save the council some money which can be spent elsewhere. Woking is not the only borough in Surrey to have made this change; Elmbridge and Surrey Heath have also done the same, and we believe the rest of the county will gradually follow suit. Changeovers like these often come with a few niggling problems to begin with, but on the whole it’s settling down now. However, if you’re experiencing problems, then councillor Debbie Harlow , would like to hear from you, so that she can sort them out directly.

It’s also worth noting that now the food waste (your kitchen caddy stuff) is being collected by a separate truck, which will make the collection more efficient, as the food waste truck doesn’t fill up so quickly. The food waste is also being collected by Amey on behalf of Joint Waste Solutions.

Read the full article on Woking Borough Council’s website here.

KRA Committee Meeting Minutes – Nov 2017

Attached are the minutes from the November 2017 committee meeting.

KRA Minutes – Nov 17

Knaphill Magazine – Winter Issue

The Christmas issue of the Knaphill Magazine is out for distribution! Our diligent volunteers are pounding the pavements, no matter the weather, to bring this festive issue of the fantastic KRA magazine direct to your door.

But don’t worry if you don’t receive yours – you can pick one up from the post office, library, or a number of different high street establishments that kindly stock them for us. Or failing that, simply download your copy here.