KRA Committee Meeting Minutes – August 2018

Here are the minutes from the latest KRA committee meeting, so to find out what we’ve been discussing, simply click below and have a read. Don’t forget, you can always come along to discuss something with us, or find out more about getting involved (and don’t worry, you won’t end up volunteering for more than your comfortable with).

KRA 1st Aug 2018

Colouring Competition Winner 2018

Saturday 14th July 2018 saw two incredibly important events take place; another triumphant Knaphill Village Show, and a brand new logo for the KRA! Take a look at this beautiful new logo, coloured in by 9 year old Knaphill resident, Charlotte.

The winner was selected by our artist on site, local photographer, Iva Dahan (you can check out her expert credentials here!), and will be used as our logo for a whole year. The standard of entries this year was incredibly high, so Iva had a huge number of beautiful artworks to choose from. Charlotte worked so hard on this and the winner was announced and presented by Woking MP Jonathan Lord.


Planning Updates June 2018

Here are some of the latest and most important planning applications taking place in Knaphill, including Lorenzo’s and the Anchor Pub. Don’t forget to have your say by visiting the planning section on the Woking Borough Council website.


LORENZO UNIT 1&2. 5 High Street – The application to convert the premises into a funeral directors business has been approved.

4 ANCHOR CRESCENT (space above library) – Planning application to convert storage space into 4 apartments, 3 one bedroom + 1 studio. ref PLAN/2018/0515.

SUSSEX COURT, High Street – The owner of the land at the rear of the apartments applied to build two bungalows on the site, and WBC rejected this. The owner has now appealed against that decision.

ANCHOR PUB – WBC have just issued the final decision notice to grant planning permission for the redevelopment of the Anchor pub site. It will contain 8 x self-contained residential units (3 x two bed & 5 x one bed), with the retention of A3 (restaurant/café) and A4 (drinking establishment) site uses. The commercial premises approved shall not open to customers outside of the following hours. Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 11.00 pm, Saturday 10.00 am to 11.30 pm and Sunday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. If the developer wanted to change the use of the commercial space, say to shops, he would have to submit an application to amend the current agreement.

The biggest concern the KRA had was the lack of parking; the last drawings we saw had only 5 parking bays for 8 residential units. The decision notice does not go into any detail on parking all it says is “Prior to first occupation of the development hereby approved, space shall be laid out within the site in accordance with the approved plans listed in this notice for vehicles to be parked and to turn so that they may enter and leave the site in forward gear and thereafter the parking and turning areas shall be permanently retained and maintained for their designated purpose.”  

The Biggest Event of the Year!

No, forget the Royal Wedding, that’s done. And who knows what will happen with sporting events possibly coming home. This is the real event you’ve all been waiting for. The one event you know you can truly rely upon to entertain everyone…

It’s the Knaphill Village Show of course!

The 2018 show takes place this coming Saturday, 14th July at Mizen’s Railway, from 1pm until 5pm, and with the weather forecast to still be glorious, we are hoping to make it the biggest and best event yet!

Don’t forget, whilst we do our best to organise good car parking, it always gets jammed as there is only so much space to go around, so do consider catching our FREE minibus which runs from the Vyne car park to the front gate throughout the day. Or consider walking instead! It’s only half a mile from the village centre, down across Waterer’s Park, and then through the woods, and on such a beautiful day, who doesn’t need the exercise?!

We have some fantastic entertainers on hand, including the return of the incredibly popular Ukeholics among other musical acts, and our lovely stiltwalker, Shelley Baker.

There are delicious food and drink stalls to indulge in both on the day, and to take away with you. Each and every stall will be organising something fun and brilliant for you to get involved in; from raffles and lucky dips, to facepainting and craft making. All the stalls are run by local people, supporting charities and local businesses, so really there is no better way to support your community than by showing up and having an afternoon of fun for everyone!

We are absolutely thrilled that the event is being opened this year by local sporting personality & Olympian, Simon Mason, so turn up to meet him and have a chat about his career too.

All this and loads more, all for the bargain price of just £2?! You can see why it’s the biggest event of the year!



Knaphill Magazine Summer Issue

The Summer issue of Knaphill News is out now and is being diligently distributed by our kindly volunteers. But if you’re fed up of staring at the letterbox in anticipation, or impatience has got the better of you, you can click here to download the latest issue. Printed versions are available in a number of locations around Knaphill, including the Post Office, library and GP surgeries.

This issue focusses on the forthcoming Knaphill Village Show; the highlight of our calendar, and only a few short weeks away now. So get your copy today and get reading so you can find out all about it.

Trip to Austria

Dee Roberts is organising a holiday to Austria to see the Passion Play in 2020 – would you like to go? This is a very special trip and a very special play which only takes place every 10 years. The trip will be 15th to 22nd July, 2020, and comprises of 5 nights in Strobl on Lake Wolfgang, followed by 2 nights in Oberammergau to see the Passion Play itself. Tickets are very limited and the theatre is open with the stunning mountains providing a striking natural backdrop for this important play.

Costs are £1765 (single room supplement £235) and include flights, half board, walking trips, coach trips, gratuities, and top grade tickets for the Passion Play itself.

For further details and information, email Dee or call 01483 475 356

2018 Colouring Competition – Now Open!

Yes, that’s right folks! Our incredibly popular competition to give our KRA logo a splash of colour is back, back, back! Click here to find out more, and download your entry form.


New KRA Logo

Here is last year’s winning entry from 7 year old Amber. Look how bright and cheerful those colours are (top tip: we like felt tip pens!)








KRA Committee Minutes

Here is a link to the minutes from our most recent KRA committee meeting, which tooke place in May 2018:

KRA-16th May 2018 docx


It seems that everywhere I go right now I hear about potholes. And that probably has something to do with there being potholes everywhere I drive! I’m clearly not alone in worrying about the state of the roads right now, and hoping the thump noise which my car just made going over that last one just then wasn’t anything too serious.  I’ve recently joined the local Facebook group ‘Woking potholes’ which is ostensibly a place to warn others about the worst potholes and damage in the area, but perhaps also has the rather pleasing side effect of being a darn good place to whinge about the state of our roads and what is being done about it.

So exactly what is being done about it?

Well, the short answer is quite a lot, but there is an awful lot of damage out there and only so much money and resource to go around.

And now for the long answer.

Our roads are managed by Surrey County Council (not Woking Borough Council for this one – although goodness knows we do like to give them a hard time whenever we can), and in particular Councillor Colin Kemp is the Conservative Cabinet Member for Highways, and happens to live in Horsell, so he seems like a good place to start. First, lets read the highlights of what he had to say about the matter on Facebook recently:

“The average amount of pot holes reported over the last few years are February 3516, March 3851.
The figure for the same months this year are February 6524, March 8377.
So you can see the size of the issue we are dealing with and this is the worse it has been since the floods in 2013. We have also taken the decision to postpone some of the non-essential work to divert resource to identify and repair some of our roads.
Alongside that Kier have drafted in additional resource and where they would normally have about 8-12 crews out repairing our network there are currently 25 crews working in Surrey and they are looking to bring in more.”

“As you can imagine this is a major task. All defects are prioritised from P1 to P4 with P1 being an emergency response, we also have criteria built into the contract to manage the time scales they must react to the different criteria. For P2s, which must be reacted to within a few days, because of the amount of defects arising they are doing more temporary repairs to enable them to cover more ground and they will return at a future date to complete the repair. This does not cost the county any more money, this is an operation decision which allows the risk to be managed and enables Kier to meet the response criteria.” – Cllr Colin Kemp, 12th April 2018

As you can see, essentially what he’s saying is that potholes are cropping up more and more because our roads are facing some of the most significant challenges ever, as a whole pile of negative factors converge. The climate has put the composition of the roads under pressure – significant rainfall followed by extreme cold temperatures, followed by extreme heat, is just not what our roads are used to handling. (It could be argued that they should be built to withstand greater pressures, but in many cases that requires higher spend to begin with, and when UK climate is generally quite moderate rather than extreme, a local government which is already fiscally stretched will economise in as many ways as they can.) Surrey is becoming increasingly densely populated with more people living and working here than ever before, and more people using cars on a daily basis than ever before.

And this isn’t just a Surrey issue.

In April 2017, the Department for Transport for the UK government announced a £250million for the jazzily named Pothole Action Fund (£50million each year for the next 5 years). Of that, Surrey has been allocated just over £1million, which is calculated based the size of the local road network. The full statement is shown at the bottom of this article.

There is a very complex set of criteria which SCC use to determine the priority of maintenance works taking place on our roads. If you want to read more on that (or if you have trouble sleeping!) then take a look here.

Report it.

The only way we can expect SCC to repair our roads is if they are told about there being a problem. Here are the WBC and SCC links for reporting problems that you see. Also, it is up to you to make a judgement call; if you think a particular road problem could have dangerous consequences, consider also reporting it to the police.

That thump noise really was something serious.

Don’t be put off trying to make a claim against SCC to repair the damage your car (or bike) has received. You may or may not be successful (in essence, it depends on whether they knew about it and whether they can prove they were “working on it”) but if the cost is significant – and what car repair cost isn’t significant?! – it might be worth the effort. Here are a few consumer rights articles to take a look at.



Department for Transport – Pothole Action Fund 2016-17

In April 2017 the government announced a £250m Pothole Action Fund. £50m will be made available each year for the next 5 years. Funding is calculated according to the size of the local road network in the area and for 2016-17, Surrey was allocated £1,033,000.

Surrey have used their allocation as part of a Preventative Programme to deal with both actual and potential potholes on our lower category roads. We have used a range of techniques including; hand lay patching, machine patching, jet patching, thermal patching and Rejuvophalt.

The 2016-17 Preventative Programme, which has cost £3m in total, has removed or prevented approximately 35,000 defects and therefore the funding from the Pothole Action Fund has removed over 10,000 potholes from the network. The innovative nature of this programme means that as well as removing or preventing potholes, we have also been able to add life back into the road network rather than just filling potholes.

General Planning Update – April 2018

Here’s a quick roundup of the latest Knaphill related planning applications, with Woking Borough Council. To find out more, or have your say, visit

Nothing particular to report on the Anchor pub site, or the Lorenzo’s restaurant site.