Sainsbury’s Redding Way latest

The ongoing saga surrounding the proposed extension to Sainsbury’s supermarket in Redding Way has been developing behind the scenes. Yet more revised plans have been submitted to WBC under plan PLAN/2011/0160 and some residents have received a letter, on behalf of J Sainsbury Plc, from GKA Ltd (‘A specialist political and community relations consultancy to the property development industry’) outling the changes and putting their reasoning behind the changes.


Although the letter goes some way toward addressing concerns, there are almost definitely questions that remain unanswered and we will be looking at these closely in the near future.


In correspondence with WBC, a letter to Mr James Hutchison of Woking Borough Council from Mr Adam Cundale (Senior Planner, WYG Planning & Design) confirms a meeting of 15th September and appears to be confident of the revised plans being received favourably by the planning dept.


We’ll get more information out as soon as we can but in the meantime details and correspondance pertaining to the application can be found here

2 Comments on “Sainsbury’s Redding Way latest

  1. If Sainsbury’s have submitted a revised plan shouldn’t Woking Council reopen the process so that the public can comment on the new plans, or is it now just a private debate between Sainsury’s, their agents and Woking Planning Office?

    I expect the plans to come forward at next months Planning Committee with a recommendation for the Committee to accept the plans.


  2. Today, 09 November, the Planning Authority have published their report on the application from Sainsbury’s to expand their store at Redding Way. The report is over 20 pages in length so will take time to consider the details. The main point is that the Planning Authority recommend acceptance. So Councillors and those who wrote in to comment have less than one week to fully understand this indepth report and of course we. the public, can only speak at the first meeting of the Committee where the matter is considered. How can that be right?


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