Brookwood Farm

Quick update 14/12/11:

I’ve had an email from the consultation team who have also sent the attached letter. They have said –

“As you might be aware, a significant part of the proposed site is owned by Woking Borough Council and as part of the agreement to deal with CALA Homes, the Council required that the master plan for the site be considered by the Executive prior to submission to the Planning Authority. As you had previously expressed an interest in the process I thought I should make sure you were aware of the meeting which will take place tomorrow evening, further details of which can be found in the letter which I have attached to this document.”

So if you have an interest and are available on ridiculously short notice, the specified meeting is open to the public.


The latest from Cala Homes is that the development is still in the consultation phases and the second Cala Homes newsletter recently went out to households in the area; this outlines the findings so far of responses received from the public.

The first of the consultation events took place over two days on 7th and 9th April where interested parties could quiz Cala Homes and make suggestions. All information received is being examined and formed into a revised proposal to be presented at the next consultation event on Thursday 14th July and Saturday 16th July. This is followed by another round of consultation in September before final application to WBC in the Autumn.

Whereas no firm decisions have yet been made, the representative I spoke to at the first consultation said there would be no apartments, only houses. Time will tell!

Some updates from Cala are available on this website, where you can also submit commentary via online forms or email (; they have also set up the freephone line 0800 2987040.

It should be noted that the level of public consultation on this project is exceptionally high and we, the residents, are being invited into the process so make your feelings known! The development will be going ahead sooner or later so now is the time to say what you want for it.

 Next consultation events:

Thursday 22nd September, St Saviours Church, Connaught Road, Brookwood

Saturday 24th Septembe, The Vyne, Broadway, Knaphill

These should be confirmed on the development website and a newsletter delivered in the week commencing 12th September

3 Comments on “Brookwood Farm

  1. I am a resident of Coresbrook Way and have one question which no one has been able to answer so far. Has the Council made arrangements for new schools to be build, or what is the plan in regards to increasing the the space for our children for their schools? 300 homes similar to Coresbrook Way will very likely mean 600+ new kids in the catchment area.
    Anyone any ideas?


  2. The simple answer Stefan is no. We have raised the question of school places and the increased traffic on the Bagshott Road with the Council but the Council refused to comment until Cala Homes submit their planning application.


  3. Hello Stefan,

    The supply in school places is an Education issue which falls to Surrey County Council.
    It maybe helpful to contact County Councillor Diana Smith, as Knaphill’s representative at Surrey County Council, to see if she can assist you in this matter.


    Councillor Melanie Whitehand


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