General update 3/1/12

Actions taken on your neighbourhood priorities

Anti-social driving
Over the past month Surrey Police has continued to tackle ongoing issues around the anti-social use of motor vehicles in the area.
The focus of this includes car parks to where large groups of youths appear to congregate late at night in order to socialise. This has proven to be an issue for those residents who live nearby to the car parks and as a result Surrey Police has received a large number of complaints about the level of noise that attributes these gatherings.

Of note, the following car parks have received a significant number of complaints from residents in the Knaphill, Brookwood area:
– The Vyne/Alexandra Gardens off Redding Way, Knaphill
– Sainsburys car park off Redding Way, Brookwood
– Brookwood Train Station car park

In recent weeks the local team has handed out warning letters to those suspected of causing a persistent level of alarm distress and annoyance to residents. This has notably made some impact to the number of calls that we have been receiving and also with the number of youths seen to gather in the car parks also decreasing in number.
Brookwood Train station off Connaught Road has recently become an issue with the same type of offence. British Transport Police has also been informed of this as the car park for the station comes under their authority.

Residents are again advised to report any form of anti-social driving including speeding, revving engines or playing loud music to Surrey Police, making sure to note as much information as is safe to do so such as vehicle index, make and model.

With the help of the council, car parks are being looked at for their lighting and use of cameras in order to assist in deterring people from gathering in them late at night and causing noise disturbances.

Operation Smart
On 23 November, 2011 the local team carried out an Operation Drive Smart day, whereby road users in the locality of Knaphill and Brookwood were educated at the roadside for any traffic offence witnessed. The operation was a complete success with up to 20 road users given a warning for offences of excess speed. Two road users incurred fixed penalty notices for offences including using a mobile phone whilst driving and excess speed which includes a fine and points.

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