Almond Villas site


Boards have now been erected on site placing the land up for sale, stating “The permitted outline planning proposes scheme up to 10 units, configured as 4 x 4 beds, 3 x 3 beds and 3 x 2 beds, with an attractive and mature feature oak located to the rear of the site.”





Planning has been ruled in favour of development of the site at 31-33 Broadway in Knaphill.

The land is owned by Surrey Primary Health Trust and they sought planning permission to build 10 houses on the site with access direct onto the Broadway. This is the land between Griffiths (Men’s Wear and school outfitters) and the side road to The Vyne and public car park. The application was lost at local level but Surrey PHT appealed and the Planning Inspectorate has just ruled in favour of the developer. One of the major concerns with this development was the fact that the entrance was so close to the junction for the Vyne which is where the buses have to turn when going to or from Sainsbury’s.

Highways Authority raise no objections yet again
A key point that did not assist the resident’s case was that Surrey Highways Authority had raised no objections to the scheme. The Inspector added that she was content that any concerns around highway safety could be dealt with by the imposition of suitable conditions. Exactly what ‘imposition of suitable conditions’ means is anyones guess and we now wait for the detailed plans to be developed.

This also raises the question of whether Surrey Highways ever actually consider any case put before them before rubber stamping; they have now shown in two cases (Clifton’s site development and Almond Villas) they have no interest in presenting clear reasoning of their decisions or investigations in their duties to the highway adequately.

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