Local parent group set up anti-fouling petition

Dr Thomas Fuller, creator of the petition, has updated us and says –

“I was very pleased with the positive response I received at the Council Executive, and they were all very sincere in wanting to tackle the problem. Melanie Whitehand had clearly done a great job in getting the Executive on board and willing to back a campaign to tackle the problem.

There was recognition that the problem across the Borough is now very bad and much more needs to be done to resolve it. Overall, it was great to see the Council listening and taking such positive action.”

His presentation to the council Executive is attached here


As a signatory of the below petition, I recieved the following from WBC today:

“Thank you for submitting a petition to Woking Borough Council in relation to dog waste in Knaphill, received on 21 February 2012. The number of signatures received through the e-petition exceeds the threshold required for a petition to be referred to a meeting of the Executive. The petition will be debated at the next meeting of the Executive, to be held on Thursday, 15 March 2012 at 7.00 p.m. in the Council Chamber of the Civic Offices, Gloucester Square, Woking. Dr Fuller, or his nominee, has been invited to attend the meeting to present the petition. The outcome of the Executive’s consideration will be published following the meeting. Petition information – http://petitions.woking.gov.uk/KnaphillDogWaste/

So well Dr Fuller, we look forward to hearing the outcome!


A Knaphill parents group has got to the last straw and set up an anti-fouling campaign to tackle a perceived increase in dog mess in the streets.

A petition has been created online by Dr Thomas Fuller to put pressure on the council to address the problem; Dr Fuller describes the petition –

“Dog waste is a serious problem in Knaphill, particularly around Sussex Road heading to the Lower and Junior schools, and in the walkway between Cavell Way and Brushfield Way. We want the Council to provide better facilities to help our children get to school more safely and to be able to play outdoors in areas which are now becoming out of bounds.

We would like the Council to consider measures such as more dog waste bins. Enforcement signs should be clearly posted in areas where they are not yet visible. Council wardens should patrol these areas more frequently and enforce the legal regulations on dog fouling.”

The aim is at least 100 signatories by the close of the petition on 21st February 2012, which will force a meeting of the council with the group.

Mrs Anna Fuller contacted the KRA –

“We have really done this as a last resort as we are fed up of cleaning dog poo off the children’s shoes, pushchair wheels and generally avoiding all the mess on the pavement on the way to school!

We want to put pressure on the council to provide more disposal facilities for dog-owners, improve signs and raise awareness of this growing problem. We want to make our local area a clean and safe environment for our children walking to school and playing outside.”

For those wanting to support the petition, more information and the petition itself can be found via this link – http://petitions.woking.gov.uk/KnaphillDogWaste/

One Comment on “Local parent group set up anti-fouling petition

  1. I totally agree with Tom and Anna. The situation is a real heath hazard to young children and I am sure responsible dog owners would also welcome the better facilities.


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