New look Fosters Lane

Some of you may know of the plight of Fosters Lane, and resident Roz Turley has been in touch to share some news! –

If you are one of the many people who use the Public Right of Way through Fosters Lane you may have had a pleasant surprise since May 12th. The badly pot-holed Highclere Road end has been laid with tarmac.

Fosters Lane has always been a ‘Bone of Contention’ in Knaphill being an unadopted road which means that no Authority take any responsibility for it .  However it is widely used as a pedestrian Right of Way through to the High Street and is an extremely busy access to shops, houses and flats.

Fosters Lane had become almost impassable either on foot or by car over recent years and was an extremely shabby area of the village.  Therefore some residents and businesses who use the lane as their access got together and formed an Association to try to do something themselves.

The Fosters Lane Association have tirelessly canvassed users of the lane and applied for Community Grants to raise funds.  This has resulted in them being able to reduce the height of some of the dangerous trees, improve the surface and generally tidy up the lane.

However all funds have now been used up and they would be grateful for any suggestions, support or indeed any donations to enable them to keep up their good work.

Contact The Fosters Lane Association on  01483 474746


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