Parking problems in Knaphill

We have been contacted by a resident regarding parking in the village; Ross Daniell has taken time to consider this and observed there are several key offending areas in Knaphill. If you have noticed that the parking situation has deteriorated, please get in touch or leave a comment below.

I am concerned about the on going parking of vehicles on the pavement and zig zags in the village. Key area’s are by cash points HSBC bank, Lloyds, Barclays. Also the takeaways in High Street and Broadway. A number of pedestrian protection bollards have been removed Barley Mow Lane jnt Anchor Hill, Knap Ct jnt Lower Guildford Rd, Post office Lower Guildford Rd. These acts have been to allow vehicles easy access to the pavement areas for parking. The resulting state of the footways in the village are now dangerous. I have been reporting incidents to Surrey Police, SCC and Woking Parking services for several years but no obvious changes. Can you help? Please feel free to use my name as identification with the above mentioned.

Custom and practice spills into overnight parking outside of residents houses, outside of schools. Parents with child seats parking to cause an obstruction to other pedestrians. I spoke to a BSM instructor who had parked on the pavement causing an obstruction along the Lower Guildford Road in a 30mph limit with no yellow lines. His answer was not to cause a hazard to other cars!!! We have a speeding issue along this road so parking on the carriageway assists “traffic calming”! How can this be helpful to new drivers!!!!


If you come across illegally parked cars, you can also get in touch with Surrey Highways, Woking Parking or the Police; the more people raising the issue will bring it to the attention of these bodies so that we can improve our village. See our Useful numbers and Policing pages for contact details.

2 Comments on “Parking problems in Knaphill

  1. Ross,
    Thanks for your concern. I have not seen the problems you have mentioned in Knaphill.
    I have noticed more parking ticketing within Knaphill particularly outside the Coop. I didn’t think Knaphill Village warranted such attention. Is this a WBC addition to our village harmony ?
    P.S. As to your paragraph on Lower Guildford road, it sounded as if the BSM driver was just being considerate, whether or not this blocked the foot way for children and wheelchair access remains unclear. However 4 exclamation marks is a little excessive. I would recommend getting a grip on yourself and being tolerant and accepting of others and their right to go about their business… 🙂


  2. This is one of those issues where Council Officials play pass the buck. Woking Council say that parking on the pavement is a County issue and obstruction is a police issue. Given the problems, specifically in the High Street we asked for a meeting in Knaphill with the responsible officers from Surrey CC, Woking BC and the Police but our request has been rejected. We will continue to raise the issue with officials and Councillors.


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