Archeological evaluation

Relax folks, its an archeological ‘evaluation’ of the Brookwood Farm site.

Following recent outcries against Cala Homes, it appears that WBC have, in fact, commissioned this excavation to see if there is anything of archeological significance on the proposed area. It is not, as some have suggested, the precursor to laying the first drainage pipes.

I went down to the area and had a chat with those working there who explained openly that they excavate approximately 2% of the entire area with trenches to examine if any artifacts or other indicators are present. So far, sadly, they have not found anything but mud although if they did it could disrupt the entire process… There are approximately 40 trenches which, after examination, will be backfilled and reinstated.

When I mentioned that people in the village were up in arms about the trenches I was told –

“Yes, we did notice quite a few people with their cameras taking pictures. We couldn’t understand why no-one has asked us before.”

Douglas Spinks, Deputy Chief Exec of WBC also has this to tell us –

“The case officer has spoken to Cala Homes who have confirmed that the only work being undertaken is site investigation. Such work does not constitute commencement of development. These investigations often inform detailed site planning issues.”


So now we know what they’re up to.

Why didn’t we know anything about it beforehand and why is WBC so blinkered to the outrage they’re causing by keeping the residents in the dark?!




2 Comments on “Archeological evaluation

  1. Well done for finding out. However perhaps the initiative to inform should come from the Authorities, but a prudent move all round.


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