Another new shop!

Updated 24/7/12

Vince from the Cutting Room has been in touch with some extra information on the new salon –

“A new, fresh unisex salon offering professional services, an excellent range of products and customer satisfaction. Dedicated to excellance and hard work whilst providing a creative and enjoyable atmosphere.

We maintain a friendly working environment which respects diversity and all ideas and techniques.
The Cutting Room team is fully qualfied and highly skilled. We are looking forward to cutting, colouring, styling, perming and setting your hair to perfection.
We are excited to be introducing Kevin Murphy products which are forever Sulphate and Paraben free. The products are made from renewable and sustainble resources whenever possible, Using pure essential oil, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. Kevin Murphy are members of PETA the largest animal rights organisation in the world (Cruelty Free) companies.

The staff are highly experienced with a combined 48 years in the industry.  Vince (Director) has 15 years experience in cutting/styling men & womens hair.  With a wealth of knowledge in different techniques.  He has always worked in the Woking area.  Kelly (Style Director) has 25 years experience and has an MCE (master of colour) level.  Karenza has 8 years experience.  She is creative in colour work and cutting/styling hair.  Chantell (Junior Stylist) has just completed her NVQ 2, and is a very keen member of the team, gaining knowledge from our experts daily.

Please call The Cutting Room on 01483 488440 to book an appointment or check out our website for all our promotions


Well shiver me timbers, it never rains but it pours! We have another new shop opening Knaphill!  Anchor Hill will soon see the opening of The Cutting Room, a hairdressers describing themselves as


A new, Fresh salon offering professional services, An excellent range of products and customer satifation.

The opening week, starting17th July will have a promotional offer of 50% off all services and they recommend you book now! You can contact The Cutting Room on 01483 488440 and

Some people may observe the number of hairdressers within the village, I haven’t counted them myself but they are a welcome sight to empty stores. We have raised the issue of saturation with Cllr Melanie Whitehand with regard to takeaways and after a short debate at the Local Council meeting, it have been given permission to be debated at a Full Council meeting later in the year. The motion is ‘To have a saturation level placed on the number of ‘Take-Away’ establishments within a certain radius’, I wonder if people think it should be broadened to ANY type of business in order to prevent excessive numbers of any one type?

4 Comments on “Another new shop!

  1. There are now 8 hairdressers in Knaphill ! 6 unisex hair salons and 2 barbers. I feel the ‘saturation level’ motion should be extended to ALL types of business to bring more footfall into the village.


  2. I think there should be restrictions on how many
    Of the same type of buisness should be in one village,
    Buisness rates remaine the same but no thought or
    Concideration is given to the existing businesses already in
    Knaphill. Eight hairdressers are too many, some of these salons have been part of the village for more than 60 years and there still trading but in this current climate they are struggling to survive because of endless other salons being able to just pitch up.. I think enough is enough now!!!


  3. This came up with the number of take aways in the village and a motion was put before the council committee regarding levels. It turns out there are limits imposed but only for building societies (no idea why).
    Cllr Melanie Whitehand has been prompted and has in turn promptly prompted those in the know to shift this issue from back burner to the fore so we shall see what happens next…


  4. Oh for a proper greengrocer! Remember the days of the Parley Bridge Farm shop, and Froggies Wine Bar? The village had a little soul then, even a book shop too.


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