Dog Show results

Despite the wet weather resulting in a change of location for the dog show ring and a reduced program of classes, the first dog show at the 2012 Knaphill Village Show was a great success with 37 entries over 5 classes.

 A morning downpour subsided to just lighter showers and dogs and owners started to register for the first class, due to commence at 3pm. Rosettes were awarded to first, second and third place winners, with the first placed also being given a box of Oscar treats.

 The first class – Most Handsome Dog – was won by Milo, an attractive Dalmation. The second class – Prettiest Bitch – attracted more entries and judge Pat Knowles had a hard job deciding on her “top three”. First place was eventually awarded to a Black Labrador. Several special commendation medals were also awarded in this class due to the high standard of entries, one of which was awarded to Belle, the most senior of the bitches.

 Class three followed – the Child and Dog “Biscuit and Spoon Race”. A smaller entry list this time but well won by Joshua with Rosie, a German Shepherd. Joshua’s brother Joseph had already done well in the previous class receiving one of the special commendations. The fourth class – Best Sausage Catcher – was heralded in by a sudden shower and a couple of entrants missed it as a result, but a very nimble Golden Lab did not miss any of the sausages in its three throws and secured winning spot.

 The final class of the day – The Dog the Judge Would Most Like To Take Home – was won by Charlie a very cute, young Irish Terrier.

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