High St demolition already causing problems

Residents nearby the forthcoming demolition work at 15 High Street and the associated property are already highlighting problems with the work.

Workmen have been accessing the site via Fosters Lane which is in contravention of conditions placed on the work. Access to the High Street is blocked while workers vans or trucks are parked which is further exacerbated by the moving of a fence into the roadway. Naturally, the Fosters Lane Residents Association is furious and rightly so – they campaigned long and hard and finally clubbed together to fund a road resurfacing. As they pointed out – it’s not for contractors use!

As the comments come in, they have said –

…This is only the second day of work on the site and already we are having problems as predicted. Parking is going to be a real issue… “

There are a number of further concerns which relate to the opening hours and just what assurances WBC are willing to give, if any.


Phil Stubbs has also contacted the council –

“This site is in the centre of the village and very close to residential dwellings in Fosters Lane and from day one we have breaches in the conditions that were attached to the  planning decision. This plan has been contentious from day one and we have always said that there would be problems with the demolition and building and then problems with customers parking and deliveries to the store. We believe that it is important that from the start of any work all conditions should be applied in full.”

We will investigate any breaches of conditions that were attached to the planning decision with a view to obtaining a thorough response from WBC.



2 Comments on “High St demolition already causing problems

  1. Do we know who at the council is responsible for the development? I want to talk to them about boundary lines and how we ensure they are correct.


  2. Woking Borough Council have now employed a new Borough Planning Officer, she is in charge of the Planning Office and I assume the Enforcement Officers. I say I presume because the Council have yet to go public on the appointment even though she has been working in the Civic Centre for the last few weeks. The Borough Planning Officer (they may have changed the title) is Mrs Jeni Jackson. I would also contact Mr Douglas Spinks, Deputy Chief Executive as Mrs Jackson will reort to him.


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