The Mound, Knaphill

Some weeks ago we added an article to our web headed ‘From Hedgerows to Barbed Wire’. The article gave details of changes to the fields that lay between Chobham Road and Kiln Lane. The KRA received quite a bit of feedback following the publication of the article and one point that a number of residents raised was the future of ‘The Mound’. 

The Mound is the raised wooded area that lies between Chobham Road and The Priory. The KRA took the residents concerns seriously and wrote to the Council seeking a higher degree of protection for this area (click on the letter). Since writing to the Council we have taken two of our Councillors for a walk around the areapointing out the problem with the barbed wire and The Mound. We have also invited Woking’s Aboricultural Officer the visit the site with us.  We will keep you posted on any developments. Please continue to provide the KRA with feedback on what you think of the work that has taken place in what some call ‘The Priory fields’ and whether you believe that ‘The Mound’ should be saved.

3 Comments on “The Mound, Knaphill

  1. I was absolutely stunned as I approached from Kiln Lane to go through the gate into the fields, where I have walked for the last twenty three years with my children and other generations of my family, at the devastation and complete destruction of a beautiful and outstanding landscape!! It was a peaceful and tranquil place to stroll, it now looks like a battlefield.
    What possessed someone to destroy hedgerows, trees, ditches, not to mention all the wildlife and their habitat? Even outside the boundary of the fence line along the bridle path, trees, hedgerows and bushes have been uprooted! And for what? I’m so angry, it’s taken me three weeks to put this comment down!
    I have not been back since and I’m not sure I will again. Our countryside needs to be protected but surely landowners have a responsibility for this too. What, I wonder, will happen to it now?


  2. Paul, I am in total agreement but it has been very hard for us to get the Council interested. There are regulations to protect hedgerows but the Council decided not to apply them on this occasion. If the Council know what the landowner or their tenant plan to do with the land they are not saying.


  3. Thursday 27 September.
    This morning we were contacted by a number of residents who live close to Chobham Road to report that truck loads of hardcore were entering the fields that surround the Priory Hospital, these are the fields that recently had their hedgerows removed. We understand that an Enforcement Officer has vsited the site and we await a report.


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