Brookwood Farm, September update

The first piece of information in this update is to state that the application from Cala Homes to build on Brookwood Farm has yet to reach the agenda of the Planning Committee. In planning terms it is still under consideration by the Planning team. This does not mean that the Residents’ Association have been standing still.

We know that at some stage Woking Borough Council will approve a plan to build on the old farm land, the size and shape of that development is not known. What we do know is that irrespective of the size of the development the new residents will need access to services such as schools, GP’s and dentists and there is the whole question of the state of traffic on the Bagshot Road. If the proposed plan is given the green light there will be over 100 cars trying to get onto the Bagshot Road from the new estate during the two hours 0700 to 0900. How will this assist drivers trying to get through the traffic lights at the Brookwood Crossroads? The figures on new traffic levels are not our figures but those produced by the County Council and accepted by Cala Homes.

A major concern is that the majority of services listed above are not the responsibility of Woking Borough Council but either the County Council or the NHS. Woking Council is only judged on the number of new homes they build and we can see from recent local newspaper headlines there is pressure on Councillors to agree to planning applications that come before them.

Given the Residents’ Associations concern with the infrastructure and services we wrote to key members of Surrey County Council and our MP. That letter is attached to this report. We await a response from those members of the County Council to whom we wrote.

If you have any questions or comments in connection with the proposed development please feel free to add those comments to our web site.




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