Distributors wanted

As some of you will know, we’ve had to use a delivery chap for the last year or more. While this has been an excellent service and we thank Richard for his efforts, two things have come to light – firstly, members that helped deliver the magazine before started to feel left out and wanted to re-start the deliveries. This is naturally a fantastic situation to have as we can now help them help us, so to speak. It also mitigates the second issue of cost of delivery which I have to admit was eating into the coffers somewhat.

Neville Hinks has been in touch with the old distribution network and I’m pleased to say that most roads in the village are covered by existing or recently found volunteers. We do however have some outstanding roads that we would appreciate a volunteer distributor for, they are (quantities in brackets) –

Cavell Way and Tringham Close (115)
Alexandra Gardens (200)
Lane End Drive (95)
Nursery Road, Halls Farm Close, and St Hildas Close (100)
Robin Hood Road, Anchor Hill, Waterers Rise, and Barnby Road (200)
Robin Hood Crescent (70)
Lansbury Estate (40)
Knaphill churches (50)

How it works

The magazines are delivered to the editor and sorted into piles by road. These will then be taken to the deliverer’s doorstep for distribution.

Anyone feeling ready, willing and able should get in touch with the editor ‘editor@knaphill.org

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