Sainsbury’s (Even more!)

We felt it necessary to update residents on the article we published on 26 October. Following our representation to Woking Borough Council the Council have published a number of the plans submitted by Sainsbury’s and their agents to meet the planning conditions imposed on them as part of the agreement for Sainsbury’s to build their extension. The plans can be found on the Council’s Planning web site under the original planning application reference number, PLAN/2011/0160. If you have difficulty in finding the plans please feel free to contact our secretary at

In this article we will deal with only one of the planning conditions, the enclosing of the service yard. There are others covering landscaping, air quality monitoring and the barrier at the entrance of the proposed car park extension.

Service yard enclosure

As reported in October Sainsbury’s have submitted a plan for an enclosure that will be fitted around the whole of the service yard but the plan is not for a fully enclosed service yard as required in the planning decision notice. Although Sainsbury’s have stated that they will review their plans no new information has been received and therefore we can only go with the plans that have been submitted to Woking Borough Council.

A public consultation launched by WBC on 9th November closes on 30th November and therefore anyone planning to comment on the plans as they currently stand will have to submit their comments as soon as possible.

The KRA have asked Woking Borough Council to reopen the public consultation period if Sainsbury’s submit amended plans.

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