Committee meeting minutes November 2012

Agreed Minutes 14 November 2012 – Kings House Coffee Shop

Attendees: – John Butler (chairman), Ann Mason, Rachel Varney, Martin Dunham, Andy Hills Tony Polak, Tony Hayes-Allen, Phil Stubbs.


Apologies: – Debbie Harlow, Neville Hinks


  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 24 October 2012 were approved.


  1. Matters Arising

The majority of action points are covered by the agenda items and will be covered under their own heading.


John raised the issue of publishing minutes on the web; he suggested that at the start of each meeting members will be asked if they agree to the last set of minutes being published on the KRA web site. The Committee agreed and the minutes of October meeting will be published.


  1. Projects
    1. Christmas decorations

Andy reported that everything was now in place to mount the brackets on those shops that have agreed to participate. The brackets will go up on Sunday 25 November. Christmas trees have yet to be ordered but Ten Acres have said there should be no problem.


Martin offered a box of time switches.


3.2 Litter collection

Ann and Tony Polak reported that around 15 volunteers turned up last Saturday for a mornings litter collection. In addition to general litter all the leaves were cleared from the lawn in front of the old library ready for the armistice service. Following the mornings work the majority of volunteers retired to Kings House for coffee and cakes.


The committee thanked Ann and Tony for organising the event.


It was agreed that litter collection should become an annual event.


    1. Other projects

The committee discussed the idea of a community BBQ during the early summer. This could be held on the Redding Way playing fields. Another site could be in front of the old library. For this to proceed we require a project leader.



  1. Village meeting

John reported that the preferred date was 7 March and all local Councillors had indicated that they were willing to participate. Rev.R.Sherlock had also confirmed his availability.


Phil reported that Holy Trinity hall was not available and it was suggested that we approach the Knaphill school.


It was agreed that we should invite Kate Wilson, WBC Neighbourhood Officer, to the meeting.


It was suggested that members of the public should be asked to submit questions prior to the meeting so that they can be grouped into topics.


It was agreed that we would start the advertising after Christmas.


Action points: – Phil to contact Knaphill School to see if their hall is available.

Phil to invite Kate Wilson to the meeting.

John to contact Mal Foster


  1. Brookwood Farm

On the actual development nothing new to report. According to a newspaper report the parent company of Cala Homes was to be sold by auction. No one knew of the implications for the Brookwood Farm development but one hopes it removes any pressure on the WBC by Cala Homes to bring the project at the Planning Committee.


6. Planning Issues

Phil reported that there were no new planning applications that he felt required a referral to the committee.


7. Membership Secretary Report

Ann stated that she would hope to start the renewal letters soon, Rachel offered Ann her assistance.


This year we did not distribute receipts except to new members. Tony Hayes-Allen felt that receipts should be sent out as a matter of courtesy.


8. Chairman’s report

John stated that his items had been covered by earlier agenda items.


9. Treasurer’s report

John reminded the Committee that they were still looking for a new treasurer.


10. Secretary’s report

Phil had circulated his report prior to the meeting.


11. Editor’s report

Andy reported that the December edition of the newsletter was coming together and that he had increased the number of advertisements.


Given the absence of Neville we did not have an up to date of the list of volunteers who were prepared to distribute the newsletter.


It was agreed that we would pay someone to deliver to the streets not covered by volunteers.


Action point: – John to make contact with Neville.


12. KRA Constitution changes

As a follow on from last month’s debate John tabled the following draft amendment:


After a short debate the draft a vote was taken nine members voted for the amendment, one against and one abstention.


John will now tidy up the wording.


It was confirmed that once the Committee was happy with the wording it would be circulated to members and voted on at the next AGM. This timetable meant that if any Committee member intended to stand at the May County Council election he or she could not stand as a representative of the KRA.


13. Any other business

13.1 AGM

It was suggested that the AGM should be held on 24 April, Phil will make contact with various churches to see if a suitable hall was available.


In the past it has been the practice to share the AGM evening with either some entertainment or an outside speaker. Martin suggested that the group of singers who entertained members of the local British Legion. Another suggestion was to invite local historian to talk about the historic buildings at the bottom of Knaphill.

Action points: – Martin to contact the singers.

Phil to contact Ian Wakeford


13.2 Local schools

Phil asked if it was appropriate for the KRA to keep a watching brief on local schools. He raised this against a background where some failing schools are being turned into academies and on new sites the Government were putting pressure on Local Authorities to move away from LEA controlled schools.


Committee agreed.


13.3 Open session at the start of KRA committee meetings

John suggested that when we hold the Committee meeting at Kings House we invite members of the public to meet members of the Committee between 7.00 and 8.00 and discuss subject of interest to them. We could suggest some topics.


The Committee members felt that this was a good idea.


14. Date of next meetings

16th January2013. Meeting to be held at Garibaldi starting at 7.00pm, meeting followed by refreshments.


6th February 2013. Meeting to be held at Kings House Coffee shop. Open house 7.00pm to 8.00pm followed by Committee meeting.


13th March 2013. Meeting to be held at Garibaldi starting at 7.45pm


Meeting closed












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