Village meeting question responses – Cllr Richard Sharp

Barley Mow Woods

a. What would the council permit to be developed here? Nothing or anything?

b. Would a developer who infringes planning, be forced to return the wood to it’s original condition or just fined?

c. Just what does protected status for the trees really mean?

It is not for the council to say what would be permitted on a site that is not targeted for development and includes a TPO, it would be for a developer to put a proposal forward. Any such proposal would have to argue very special circumstances to the satisfaction of the Planning Authority. I cannot conceive of an application that would be able to do this, but should an application be made then the authority must consider if a relevant case is made. The answers to parts b and c are given on the council website here


Deep concern over the quality of recent planning decisions (especially Highways) – just who is it working for? Once a planning consent is given can it ever bee retracted (if for example the information upon which the decision was made was so fundamentally flawed)?

This is a question for an expert in planning law – Cllr Bowes may be able to help here or perhaps the Borough Solicitor. With changes such as the introduction of  the NPPF the legal framework for planning decisions has changed significantly.


Lack of provision for special needs support within the schools – perceived deep reluctance for school to go down the road of “statementing” a child.

This is a question for the County Council.


3. Addition safe crossing places for children coming back from Winston at Hermitage Road roundabout – a proper pedestrian crossing?

This was the subject of a petition to the Woking Local Committee in March 2013. I believe it will be considered again in September 2013.


4. Miscellaneous

a. Air quality

This was debated at the Woking Executive on 7/2/13 and details are available through the council website. Please advise of any specific questions.


b. Knaphill Football Club

i. Woking FC – whose is it? After huge effort was put in by Knaphill to get the site up to it’s current high standard, who is it now for?

ii. What does “sweat the assets” mean with regards to KFC?

KRA will be aware that this is a council sports facility and that it is shared between various organisations. Councilllors have been supportive of KFC and have suggested that its contribution to the facilities is recognised. The council must seek to maximise its level of non-grant income to maintain its services and thus the proposal to gain additional income from other users.

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